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I’m trying to get into modeling weapons, any software suggestions?
there is a lot of good ones, but i am learning to do this with fuson360 and i use 3d builder to check the models and it will correct them to a point. but there are a lot of ones out there again one i started with was blender it was free so depending on your budget.
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Blender is great and free, but I'd reccomend Plasticity for hard-surface stuff like guns and armour cause its so easy to use and is incredibly powerful. it's like fusion 360 but built to be more intuitive for artists rather than engineers. It's also cheap compared to all the other paid software packages
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Due to you looking to dive in, I'm thinking of budget friendly software.

Fusion360 has a free user option with limitations compared to their paid for licenses. Personally it's still great for a hobbyist.
Blender is another free option as Biskt has mentioned.
Solidworks released a Hobbyist option for $15USD/month or $48USD/Year, I enjoyed Solidworks in my time during high school.
Tinkercad is also a browser based free choice, this I've seen many use for simple projects.

Hope this helps! I personally have only used Fusion and Solidworks, both have treated me well. Blender I've always had a tough time starting out with, it just seemed a little much at first. But that's just me.
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