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Everyone, we're having another Booster Blitz! This time, we're also creating a new category of Boosters -- the Invite Boosters. During the Blitz, each friend you invite will be boosted to Level 6 when they join (and verify), and you'll get $0.32 when each friend joins (and verifies).


1) Everyone will be given 100 invites so that they can invite everyone from their address books. ALSO, if you run out of invites during the Blitz, just PM me and I'll give you more when you need them. Everyone will get as many invites as they can use during the Blitz.

2) The Blitz starts at 6pm EASTERN time. If you get confused with the time change, just check back at Moola to watch the count-down clock.

Good luck!

The details:
This upcoming Tuesday November 6th, from 6:00 pm to midnight (EASTERN), Moola will be holding its much anticipated fifth official Booster Blitz and featuring the first ever Invite Blitz. Come to Moola during the Blitz to cash in on the following:

More Game Boosters! Just like our previous events, you will be eligible for hundreds of bonuses in amounts of $2, $5 and $9 randomly. All players are eligible to receive these Game Boosters just for playing during the Blitz, regardless of whether you are on your first starting penny or if you already have a significant account balance. The more games you play during the Blitz, the greater your chances of receiving one of these Boosters.

Plus: New Invite Boosters! For one night only during the hours of the Blitz, invite your friends to Moola and we will start them off at Level 6 AND give you a $0.32 bonus for EVERY friend who joins*. (You can still invite friends after the Blitz, but both you and your friend will NOT be eligible to receive this special Invite Booster.) Import all of your contacts directly from your Yahoo, Gmail and/or Hotmail accounts to maximize your Invite Booster.

For more details, check out the Moola Forum and see all the Booster Blitz buzz!

Moola Support Team

*$0.32 Invite Booster will be deposited into your account once your friend has successfully registered and verified their account. Your account must be upgraded at the time the Invite Booster is issued.

Old Stuff:


Yes, ok, had to say that because Moola does not issue checks to people under 14. With that said, lets get onto

What is Moola you say?

It's actually an online tournemant.

The Goal?

To reach 10,000,000$ .

Has anyone?

No, Most likely never will...

Well whats the point then?

You can win money anyways and at your own rate without spending a penny of your own money.


Yeah, I know its crazy. is a advert sponsered site. It's been running for 2 years I think and has given away over 3,000,000$ Total. It's 100% Legitimate and you can't lose anything for playing! You sign up with your email and what you want your account name to be. When you first start, you have 1 single penny that Moola provides. Not much eh? Nope. But heres how it works...

You have a penny, you double it. You get .02$ uh, woooo? Well guess what, you play another game, you double it again, .04$ still, no big woop. You get to 8 cents, then 16, 32, 64, then you hit 1.28$, that can go to 2.56, 5.12, 10.24, 20.48, 40.98, 81.92 and higher and higher and higher!!

But, uh, the highest people are only at about 700-1000$. Thats only 3-4 doubled wins away from 81$. But the thing is, the higher level you get, the harder people generally are, obviously... If you play smart and don't double everything everytime you will always keep your money and never drop down to .01 again. I have been smart and this is my first few day or two playing and I am at 2.50$. Its best to cash out when you get in the 10-20$ range. If you don't cash out, you know the saying, the house always wins... Thats the best area to cash out because otherwise you will get greedy and loose it all.

You can only cash out once if you account isn't verified though, so be sure to borrow a friends cellphone or use your own to verify your account. When you get verified you get a couple more options and you can win money from the search and win cash booster.

So you wan't in maybe? The thing is, only works via invites... So you will have to be invited into it to be able to play. Luckly, I get invites every few days, but I only have 4 right now. So you will have to wait a day or so to get more invites from me... But all you have to do is click the link below and register to start playing today.

Click me For invitation into
If the above is out use this one...
Click me For invitation into

Two accounts per Household. You must only control one. Top account is mine, bottom is my older brothers.

They will get you if you have multiple accounts per person though. Be weary.

All pumped up now that you can play eh? Well you start playing and you keep losing your penny and they keep giving you another one. I found two useful tools to help raise that 50-50 ratio to a better percentage. These have helped me a ton, espcially the Gold Rush tool. Before I link you to the apps, I have only played a round or two of hi lo, about a million rounds of gold rush, and I have never played ro sham bo fo... So I would suggest gold rush because its actually quite fun.

HiLo Tool

Gold Rush Tool

And some more hints and info for the site.

If you go to the booster zone, and go to the VERY bottom two, there are two offers, one for .95 cents I belive and one for .80 cents or something like that. Complete those offers and if you have a verified account you can make 1.75 or something close to that. Right now my money is pending on the offers. Waiting for them to come through so I can claim my 1.75$ lol. Might help you to get started out, but you can only use each offer once... I would not suggest doing any other boosters in that zone, cuz the ones close to the bottom all install spyware and the others you have to pay for so eh.

So some of you may have been playing this thing for awhile now and know the answers to the ads, some of them don't have answers and you have to watch them. I am on 56k and never like waiting for ads to load to play games. Ever get two wrong and have to watch the ad without a skip button?

Want to skip it?

Use this

<div class='codetop'>CODE</div><div class='codemain'>$1&inOption=3</div>

As for me and money...

I personally have cashed out twice now :D . A first check for 10$ and second check for 40$.

Pix = Pruf.



The 50 bucks went towards my preorder for the Halo 3 12 inch statue. Now the rest is going towards my 360 :D .

Alright, this stratagey is straight from the Moola forums, all credit goes to Hayabusa at

After cashing out for a total of a $100, I've learned quite a bit about betting on Moola. And I attribute most of my success to Fly_Fisher's betting guide. Which I added 5 echelons to after passing the amount required for me to play at a level not included on the guide. A few times during my successful run I used a small risk, but high gain betting strategy. The real risk is how much time you could spend (if you lose). You can start on any level you like and stop anytime you like, but you must keep doubling your money (the basic and main concept that Moola conveyed to you before you signed up.)

Examples would be:

Start a Level 6, Risk $0.32 to win $0.64 cents, Game - Hi/Lo
Level 7, Risk $0.64 to win $1.28, Game - Gold Rush
Level 8, Risk $1.28 to win $2.56 Game - Hi/Lo
Level 9, Risk $2.56 to win $5.12

Let's say you had $0.64, you then risk 32 cents and drop down to $0.32, but you win and have a total of $0.96. Then you risk 64 cents, again dropping you down to $0.32, but you win again and now have $1.60, repeat at level 8 and win now with a total balance of $2.88 and after winning level nine you'd have a total of $5.44, you just 17-tupled your money. (Anyone find the correct tuple for it, please PM me). And all that took was maybe 10-15 minutes.

That is a basic strategy, but there are many variants. Here is one of my favorites.

Let's say your balance is $100.

Start at level 11, Risk $10.24 to win $20.48 and win.
Play level 11 again and win.
Now go to level 12, Risk $20.48 to win $40.96
Now go back to level 11, Risk $10.24 to win $20.48
Level 12, Risk $20.48 and win $40.96
Go to level 13, Risk $40.96 to win $81.92

After game 1 - $110.24
After game 2- $120.48
After game 3 - $140.96
After game 4 - $151.20
After game 5 - $171.68
After game 6 - $212.64

You just doubled your money in a few games! Wow!

Go back to level 11 and climb again. You can go up to level 14 if you want or you could go up to 13 and go back to 11. The bottom line is this is risk-free after the first game. As long as you win the first game, then you can't have anything less than $100.

There are other variants of course, but you get the basic idea.

What will this strategy do?

It will do many things. The best thing it will do is generate higher level games because people aren't as afraid to play them. This will be great because people with balances will find opponents.

Bottom Line:

Everyone should use this strategy when they have a good balance!

Update: Well recently I lost all of my money, so I decided to make a strategy starting from a penny.

Here is how it works

Play level 1, 2, 3 and win them all in a row.
Go back to level 3
Win: go to level 4
Lose: play level 3 (and then go back to step 2)
Win: play level 4 again
Win: play level 5
Win: play level 5

You see the pattern. Play 2 games on a level and if you win them both then move up a level. It is risky, but it gives you a safety net unlike doubling it. Use this strategy until at least 64 cents ($1.28 recommended.) Of course you could always play the highest level available if you lose, but if you want any safety, play a lower level.</div>

And Fly_Fisher's Guide from forums...

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE
<div class='quotemain'>PRINTER FRIENDLY VERSION

For all those that have posted about being "stuck" at the lower levels or are stuck and haven't posted, here is a quick and easy way to maximize you account (Besides doing the Booster Zone offers -the link at the top of the page). I know there has been some talk of bankroll management, but here is a proven strategy. This routine has worked for me in the past as long as I stuck to my guns.

Here are levels 1 -10. From there you'll see the idea behind the theory and should be able to apply it to the higher levels.

Level 01 = Bet $0.01 WIN $0.02
- If you win play level 2

Level 02 = Bet $0.02 WIN $0.04
- Play level 2 until you have a minimum of $0.08
-This gives you 2 games on level 3

Level 03 = Bet $0.04 WIN $0.08
- Play level 3 until you have a minimum of $0.16
-This gives you 2 games on level 4

From here on you will need to keep an emergency stash on money to fall back on if you lose all of your next level games in a row. If you do, drop back a level and regain your goal.

Level 04 = Bet $0.08 WIN $0.16
- Play level 4 until you have a minimum of $0.64
-This gives you 3 games on level 5 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 4

Level 05 = Bet $0.16 WIN $0.32
- Play level 5 until you have a minimum of $1.28
-This gives you 3 games on level 6 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 5

Level 06 = Bet $0.32 WIN $0.64
- Play level 6 until you have a minimum of $2.56
-This gives you 3 games on level 7 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 6

Level 07 = Bet $0.64 WIN $1.28
- Play level 7 until you have a minimum of $6.40
-This gives you 4 games on level 8 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 7

Level 08 = Bet $1.28 WIN $2.56
- Play level 8 until you have a minimum of $12.80
-This gives you 4 games on level 9 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 8

Level 09 = Bet $2.56 WIN $5.12
- Play level 9 until you have a minimum of $25.60
-This gives you 4 games on level 10 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 9

Level 10 = Bet $5.12 WIN $10.24
- Play level 10 until you have a minimum of $61.44
-This gives you 5 games on level 11 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 10

Level 11 = Bet $10.24 Win $20.48
- Play level 11 until you have a minimum of $122.88
- This gives you 5 games on level 12 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 11

Level 12 = Bet $20.48 Win $40.96
- Play level 12 until you have a minimum of $245.76
- This gives you 5 games on level 13 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 12

Level 13 = Bet $40.96 Win $81.92
- Play level 13 until you have a minimum of $573.44
- This gives you 6 games on level 14 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 13

Level 14 = Bet $81.92 Win $163.84
- Play level 14 until you have a minimum of $1146.88
- This gives you 6 games on level 15 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 14

Level 15 = Bet $163.84 Win $327.68
- Play level 15 until you have a minimum of $2293.76
- This gives you 6 games on level 16 plus 2 "emergency" games on level 15
Keep in mind that this may not be the safest way to play since it climbs the ladder in a rapid fashion. But.... if you follow it to the T and fall back when you have to, you should be OK.

Also, when you cash out... Leave yourself atleast 10 bucks or so, unless you like playing for the wheel

Good Luck,


{edited on 27/11/2006 by fly_fisher to fix a typo}
{edited on 15/03/2007 by fly_fisher to add printer friendly link}
{edited on 21/06/2007 by fly_fisher to add more levels}</div>

Ok, Well I don't have much else to say unfournatley... Just Good Luck if you do decied to play... Oh, sorry if the invites are out. Try the link every day to check if there is more invites I can give you, atleast every otherday I should get a couple more.

First come first serve!


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Leadingspartan said:
Doom isn't there already another thread on this even though this one is more detailed?

Yeah, It was mine, and I locked it.

It was too sloppy and I was a bit to lazy to fix it all up... So I am just going to let that one die and this is the one I will be using now.

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Yes, they send you a check when you cash out. It must be atleast 10$ though. I believe I explained that in my post up above.

I advise reading it before joining. :p

Doom said:
Yes, they send you a check when you cash out. It must be atleast 10$ though. I believe I explained that in my post up above.

I advise reading it before joining. :p


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Hey I was wondering, if anyone has any extra invites, could you be so kind as to PM one to me?

Thanks a Million

I just added my Older Brothers account Invite link just in case.

Just to let you all know, I have hit 100 Referrals :D! Not all came from this forum though. If you guys really think you make massive amounts of cash from Referrals, you don't :p I have only made 63 cents from them...

Thanks and have fun!

I've been luck and made over $10 so far on my ref's. :) :love:

Where did you get that animated graphic? Did you make it? :)
Wow, 10$ from refs isn't bad at all :p.

And yes, I did make that graphic, I need to put in the line of text saying I made it so moola won't get mad at me :p.

Doom said:
Wow, 10$ from refs isn't bad at all :p.

And yes, I did make that graphic, I need to put in the line of text saying I made it so moola won't get mad at me :p.


Looks very professional! Well done!
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