MoneyMoneyMoney! Invites! BOOSTER BLITZ!


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Awesome! I love booster blitz xD! I would have missed it so thanks for letting me know!



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I am incredibly late on this thing. Although not much, the extra money will help me in making my armor in the coming year. I also went to the invites and all, but I'm not exactly sure of how it all works out.


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I think this thread is pretty cool, propagates pyramid schemes and isn't afraid of anything.


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The time spent playing this game, you actually could go find a job and make more money in one hour than you'd make in one hour playing this game.

Although, if you somehow get lucky, you could win some nice cash easily. But I'd say the majority of people who use moola would be richer working in a burger joint.


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Meh, Ill give it a shot, looks interesting and it might help me with a few things (Im young dammit! I have to go to school I dont have time to work)