Monty's Monster Hunter


Hey guys! Montique is back from the dead again after not posting anything since October. After staging a hostile takeover of my local cosplay club, I started working on my biggest and most challenging project to date.

After losing outright at the Megacon 2019 costume contest I wanted to make something guaranteed to never lose, so I got to work on a functional switch axe from MHW
I started by cutting out a wooden frame and carving in the details.

IMG_0832.jpg IMG_0907.jpg

I cut out the foam blade and axe the old fashioned way and used a pvc pipe handle. I have a a bolt and washer in place for the blade to rotate during the transformation.
IMG_0841.jpg IMG_0846.jpg

After I had the frame and a short conversation with my old high school physics teacher, I made my greatest achievement in cosplay since painting my Arctic Spartan (video is too big to upload straight here)
After I had the transformation working I started making the whole thing look pretty with some resin eyes, additions to the axehead, trimming the handle, adding the guard, and one fancy paint job

IMG_0899.jpg IMG_0908.jpg IMG_1058.jpg IMG_1064.jpg

Here it is next to me for a final size comparison

Overall, I haven't finished it yet because the additions to the axe head threw off the whole weight system and since my counter weights are out of stock because of covid I haven't been able to fix it. I'm just posting it now because I'll be taking a break from this project since I've been working on it for 6 months and I'm low key sick of looking at it


I keep rewatching that transformation mechanic, that is so cool! How easy or hard is it to reset?
In that state resetting it took about a minute. The mechanics don't work anymore since I haven't time to re calibrate the weight distribution but in my initial tests would take a lot longer. Trying to reset it while in full gear will be IMMENSELY difficult so I probably won't activate it while on a con floor