More Pics Of my helmet! =D

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Afro Devin

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ok so i found my camera today and here is my progrress from the past few days, the pics are pretty poor quality so i dont know if you can tell that i have most of the back done, all of the sides done and a few different details done. if there is a good way of doing the chin part from my proggress so far please tell me because im pretty much stumped.
keep on fragin trucks ;-)
thx guys, im going to paint it the norm master chief green and weather it similar to how seans is so yea ill keep you updated on the proggress of the helm as often as i can
It cant be in black as it is because im using carbon fiber cloth and kevlar to coat it instead of fiberglass. I'm then going to paint it but if i paint it black i think most of the weathering wont show up, and it wont be quite as defined as a MC helmet as if it were green. but other than that, black is pretty cool...
How much is the Carbon/Kevlar running ya, and are you using a dual component cloth or a layer of one over a layer of the other?
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