more realistic underside to helmet

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as soon as i can get a picture, i will,

but the helmets we use as commercial divers have a thing called a neck dam, which is basically a toiletseat type thing that swivels underneath the helmet; hugging around the neck, and a cinch to hold it in sure it would make some of the helmets looks real nice and a more natural movement to them

im new to the page so id figure i would try to add something of interest
Not a bad idea, as long as there's vents in the helmet. Why hasn't anyone replied to this thread?

By the way, here's a neck dam apparatus:

paradoxdj said:
this is from September... zombie thread

it's still interesting.. how exactly does this work? is it like a literal "lock" on your helmet so it can't fall off? that'd be darn cool
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If you do the put a fan some were blowing out out you will pass out Co2 and all. Looks cool I may do one out of tee shirt cloth to let air in

Take your Helmet off often

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I was looking into doing something like this, but upside down, I was thinking about making a neck ring that clips onto the helmet. It would get VERY stuffy inside pretty quick though. you'd want some good ventilation.
I got the way to make it stay on...I think. Ok thepiece that holds your helmet on is rubber shaped thing that can go around your neck. This way it can stretch and fits around your neck so if you move your head it wont move around as much. If this is must have like vents and a fan in your helmet.
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