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Mr Ackbar

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What is the best/cheapest thing to use for the under armour? I do not wish to kill myself with a wetsuit. I have seen some really good under armour, I would like to get an authentic look but I don't have much to spend on it. What do I do?


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Black Morphsuit, these full body Zentai thingies. I bought mine for 30$.
Many people use even tight sports breathable clothes.


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Personally I used a pair of under layer pants (long johns) with both Eva and upholstery foam adhered to it, and a spandex shirt with details down into it, which I made from scratch. My long johns use elastic suspenders to stay nice and snug, as they support the weight of my thigh armor. I own a morph suit as well, and I don't feel it would support the weight of my armor parts, though it could very easily be modified for that purpose.