Multiplayer or Campaign first?

Multiplayer or Campaign first?

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When that sacred green box gets back to ur gaming room, what option r u gonna hit first? are you going to go online and pwn, or die trying, or practice on the maps, or are you going finish the fight in campaign?

EDIT: Its worth noting it will probably take u longer to get to a bit of actual gameplay if you do multiplayer, because you will want to make urself a logo and choose ur armour configuration, although this is highly dependant on how long the opening cutscene is. In retrospect, it seems now that the cutscene may take longer...
I may not be able to do either.

Because I swear to god, I'm gonna be soooooo angry if M$ dosen't ship me their stupid box to get my RROD 360 repaired...

Does anyone know if a game store or some kind of repair shop can fix the RROD?
presuming that at some point, you will be able to run H3, that is. Which you will eventually. There is a growing demand for RROD repairs, more than /\/\$ will adm1t
Well, I will eventually be able to play it...Its just I really dont want to have to see my Leg. Edish just sitting around, waiting to be played when I get it on the 25th. I'd cry myself to sleep that night.

BUT WHEN I DO, I will do campaign first. Just because its a new game, and even though I played the beta, I need experince w/ the game first before I pwn noobs :mrgreen: .

And because I want to see how H3 ends. :lindsey:
I think I will tool around in the first level of multiplayer first to soak and bask in the Halo 3 amazingness..

Then split my time between the two..
I'm noob at Halo as it is (its odd- i love Halo, but nontheless am really rubbish at it) and need all the practice aiming that i can get. Campaign first for me, on my lovely 1440x900 HDanyway PC screen...
I'll be enjoying Wireless XBL and Campaign in glorious 52' 720psi HD and 5.1 surround sound!

This is my setup:

(insert Hallelujah Chorus here)


We got that TV for 400$, no less :mrgreen: ....
even if that was LD, that would beat my resolution considerably. I did experment briefly with the idea of hiring a projector which could throw me a 12 foot screen, which i've done with Gears, and H2, which was awesome, and sitting on a subwoofer to get the best bass effects, but i couldnt afford H3 and the projector at once, and guess which one was the logical choice to go for...

Not that my setup's perfect, It's just the first real home-theater like setup my family's ever had.

Now my Dad's boss, he's got the set-up man! Projecter, Two row couches(one row is elevated, like the theater), Vintage popcorn machine, and the best sound system I've ever heard...
Clarification: H3 = shorthand contraction of: Halo 3
Wow, that sounds quite a setup. I can console myself with the thought that I have a Halo 3 mousemat.
Is a couch a sofa, or settee (like for more than one person) or an armchair for just one person?
I knew what H3 was ;-) , but you asked what was the better choice so I answered H3.

A couch is slang (where I'm from) for a sofa. Multiple people can sit on the one in his theater room. Yes, I said it, he has a whole room of his house dedicated only to his theater. Yes, my dad's boss is rich. He's a boss!

BTW, how did you aqquire a H3 mousepad?
Assuming that I can get the replacement DVD drive for my 360 in time, (Can't send it in to Microsoft, it's modded), and that my game gets here on time; I'm going to be playing campaign first, preferably multiplayer campaign over XboxLive.
Def. Campaign first.
I gotta play as my beloved Arbiter and Master Chief before I become a regular spartan fighting other people. :mrgreen:

ill be playing campaign on my 18" lcd flat sceen moniter, i know it doesnt sound like much but, i also use high quality headphones that make the sound phenominal and the picture is great for 1 person, sometimes it even looks good with 2 which is strange
I'm gonna be playing Halo 3 campaign on my 42" 1080i LCD Projection TV and my Dolby 5.1 Optical surround sound system! WOO! :mrgreen: My dad gets all this stuff for a low price and he knows how to set this up... he works at Disney and he runs a screening room... I played the beta so I have had my fill of multiplayer.
Campaign, hands down. I bought it to finish the fight, not do random side fights with people I will never meet again. Not to say I won't but thats not the main reason.

Also, did you guys hear about a flamthrower and incediary grenades now!!

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