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Just an FYI.. didn't know where to put this post.

I just got a $1 raise, got fired, and got rehired at a $100 per week higher salary. All within the past 5 minutes, all by the same guy.

It's great news, but my new position is with a sister company. My new office put's me in a position right under my boss's nose.

The good news is a raise, and full access to a CNC Punch machine, bad news is that being right under his nose means I won't be able to get to these forums during the day like I've been doing.

Currently, I don't have internet access at home, but with this raise, that'll probably change pretty soon.

For the moment though, my only forum access will be lunchtime and after work if I stay here late some nights.

Guess it's not a huge impact on anyone here.. but just wanted ya'll to know that I'm not leaving the forums or something, I'll just have limited access for a little bit.

If you want/need a quick responce, drop me an email using the email form, otherwise expect a possible few day delay.
heh heh..

"..Where the hell did he go...? He was sitting right... HOLY CRAP!! A PREDATOR!! RUN!!"

Besides, all my neon ropes would still be glowing green.. ;)
that's awesome. I just got a new job today too. Salaried, full benefits. I'm very very very excited about it.

I work at Brooks part time D:, $7 an hour its not a bad job, good co-workers but after today i have like 7 different good cuts on my hand cause of warehouse day.

(Turn this into a where we work thread?)

Dead, i want a $100 raise too :cry:
I make the signs you see on the directories in malls. We're launching a new animated setup, where they'll be animated instead of still picture lightboxes. It's going to be hot!
Thats pretty sick, at the closes mall here all i see the those glowing maps with the stores marked on them and with the "X" you are here stuff and thats about it.
Deadguy said:
I just got a $1 raise, got fired, and got rehired at a $100 per week higher salary. All within the past 5 minutes, all by the same guy.
That's really wierd. Congratz on the raise.
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Sean that's some sweet work, I've long been a collector of fossils, big ones, so your work on those ceratopians is amazing IMHO. I have stuff ranging from t-rex poo, to a saurapod vertabrae (the dino's with long necks and tails, for any intelligent non-specialized readers).

Congrats on advancement deadguy. So no internet at home?? What about H2 multiplayer???

If were sharing what we do, I'm a QA specialist for a company that does bioinformatic software. It's really interesting, I'm part of the team that developed the software used to identify the majority of the victims from the World Trade Center, as well as the 05 tsunami, and the UK bombings.

Depressing often but rewarding, it does provide comfort to alot of folks who have lost someone in those tragedies.
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