My first armor: master chief mark VII

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by morkar78, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. agentflorida


    Your right. I apologize. pretty good armor though. Will you be adding lights to the sides of the helmet?
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  2. morkar78


    here it is....I hope it helps... CAM01378.jpg
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  3. morkar78


    Ciao Agent. Thanks. Yup, lights are among the upgrades I've started
  4. morkar78


    New cod piece ready for the bondo stage. It looks to me that it has better proportion compared to the rest of the armor and the you agree with me?

  5. CommanderPalmer


    I was just thinking, wouldn't it be better to make the crotch cover flexible? The abdominal armor plate sure hard, but it would be more practical to have cod piece soft and flexible... o.o
    In the game it's too. But, just a suggestion.
  6. morkar78


    It is not a bad idea at all. I'm considering to make in a different way the undersuit (I don't like too much as it is now), and in that case the cod piece must be done with the same style to look good
  7. Voren Marr

    Voren Marr

    Great job :)
  8. morkar78


  9. morkar78


    Diapositiva1.JPG NewCod_July2017 (1).JPG NewCod_July2017 (8).JPG My new cod supersmooth and ready for painting
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  10. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Much better scale! :)
  11. morkar78


    indeed...I like it a lot. It also allows me to walk and climb the stairs much better than the old one.
  12. morkar78


    The downside is that it leaves me more naked in the hip...I need t work a bit more on the undersuit
  13. morkar78


    New cod completed New_Cod_July2017 (1).JPG New_Cod_July2017 (2).JPG
  14. morkar78


    New knee pads completed:

    New_knee_pads_completed_Sept2017 (1).JPG New_knee_pads_completed_Sept2017 (2).JPG New_knee_pads_completed_Sept2017 (4).JPG P9252379.JPG
  15. morkar78


    I can do this now :)

    New_knee_pads_completed_Sept2017 (8).JPG
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  16. HeroMinerR5


    Good jobs! Keep up the good work
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  17. Lowcone494


    I know its a small detail thing but are you gonna cover up that Nike swoosh on your shoes? Otherwise ill have to say the Master Chief chooses Nike when he needs to fight the Covenant and make sure his feet feel good!! Even so your build and progress just looks amazing!
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  18. morkar78

    morkar78're totally right, I have to paint in black the side of my shoes :) Thanks a lot for the compliment
  19. Lowcone494


    No problem man! looking forward to seeing how this build wraps up!
  20. morkar78


    Lights in the helmet installed
  21. morkar78


    Lights in the helmet installed

    22688913_10214711590371230_3299175288855926243_n.jpg 22730232_10214711590411231_104443127512531860_n.jpg 22814439_10214711590331229_2722862489656585903_n.jpg
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  22. DefineLuck

    DefineLuck New Member

    This was an awesome build. Super impressed.
  23. morkar78


    Thanks DefineLuck! It has been a very hard work but I'm very happy of how it turn out.
    I've stopped posting but not working on my armor. I've done several updates and almost complete the "version 2" of my armor. I'll post new pictures soon
  24. morkar78


    This is how I have installed three fans and lights inside the helmet

    helmet-circuit (1).png

    helmet-circuit (2).png

    helmet-circuit (3).png
  25. Harri51


    Doing a great job so far. You sure are paying attention to the details very well.
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