My First BR project

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Starting work on my first battlerifle. Making it out of Layered cardboard. Will post pics as i progress. Wish me luck ;)
gl :) i just finished the building process of mine :) now working on detailing and all that good stuff its made outa pep u can see pics of mine in the weapons and props section
Ok so the first part's done. Still deciding on how i'm going to connect all the pieces together. Not sure whether i want to use glue, tape or something else. Any recommendations?

Wow did you cut all that out by yourself? Must have taken forever. Looks really cool, but the only disadvantage I see in making a weapon this way is that it would be 'flat'. Otherwise, good job!
Looks pretty good, I see you're going for the Halo 2 version.

Just some advice, don't know if it'is too late to fix, but the triangles on the side don't stretch all the way to the back, they stop somewhere around the back of the mag.
Thanks for the opinions guys. I took a screenshot of one of the BR Pep files from the side, increased the size 170%, printed it out and used it to draw outlines on the cardboard. Then i just used my pocket knife to cut along the lines. The triangles were a rather annoying mistake. found it out half way through making it but couldn't be bothered cutting out 2 more shapes, lol. I home school so i have a lot of time on my hands . By the way, thanks to the mods for moving this into the creation section :D
You did the exact same thing as me. But i used glue to put it together, then used tape to soften the edges. For the barell i just got like 4 pieces of paer, rolled them up together and taped around it. Nice work. :cool:
O hey, people are still watching this, lol. I'd put it on hold for a little bit so i could start on my armour. I'm just about finished with it. Will see if i can finish it today and post pics.
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