My first ODST build

I kinda forgot to get many photos of myself in my armor after i redid it. This is a photo from the last day of the rose city comic con.


  • armor.jpg
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Looks good I like the scarf, that first helmet visor was better if I get a better set up for vacum forming ill take another shot at it. (I made both the visors so I can be critical)
thats a sweet looking knife you got there! What process did you use to make it?
i had some scrap wood that i cut thinner on my table saw, then i traced the outline of my knife on the wood and normally i would cut out the big chunks of wood but my scroll saw is old and broken so i just used the sander. for the two pin holes in the middle and the circular divot under the blade i used the drill press, which next time I'm not gonna make the two pin holes since it isn't a real knife and it doesn't need pins. then i just primed and painted the pieces and glued them together.

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