My foam Model (Warning 56Ks!)

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ok, so recently, I've been working on my Helmet project, I've gotten the basic outline of the Helmet, I know I was limited in Supplies, so I grabbed a few foam blocks, and carved out the rear of the helmet:
Side View:

Back View:


Bottom View:

Top view:

and this all the foam I carved :eek


Thats it so far, now I Know it looks like total crap since I used Styrofoam, so I was thinking, could I cover the entire thing with bondo Body Filler when its done? Then work out my details with that? Remember, this is JUST a Model, the final product is going to be made of Hard Fiberglass and Resin
Hey Ironcobra, you are on your way and kickin a**.

Keep up the good work!

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Hey! Looking good! At first I couldn't make out what exactly what was what, but then I saw the back and I knew you had good progress.

Can't wait to see more!

btw, I have the Jaw piece all cut out, now I just have to shape it ;-)
Can I cover everything with bondo body filler though? just to work out the details before I brush on my rubber?
yes. you can spread bondo really easily, and then CHEESE GRATING is a must. itll get everything to a good form, which will allow you to save a lot of time on sanding.
ok guys :mrgreen: , I'll make sure to pick up my foam dome to shape the head and such ;-)

The jaw piece is basically finished, I got pics, I know that a Few things are off, but once I cover all of it with bondo and smooth it to shape, those problems will be solved, and I also know its too small inside, which will also be fixed once I complete once I cover it with bondo! anyways, here's my update pics!!!!

Front view:

Side view:

Back view:

Top View:

I know its far away, but that because my camera's Flash can cause epileptic Seizures :/

The back piece and jaw piece together:

I also picked up my Fiberglass Respirator. Still need to get the bondo and foam :/ STAY TUNED
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