My frist try.

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The health pack.

Try 1.

Try 2.

I printed with the texture on it. What do you think?

:hyper: Dootuz :hyper:
Thanks its a start. Oh and ignore the writeing on the pc. I jsut did that to send to someone lol.
Sigma-LS said:
lol nice :mrgreen:

I gotta make me some of those for my Mk V armor

Yeah. Its kinda small. I might do it on some big canvus this time. that would look awsome! Or maybe I'll make a mold for it at westerfeilds. I don't really know. But this is kinda flimzy. So I don't know what to do. But it is fun!
Last edited by a moderator: do you get things like that on papakura and how do you get to somethings polygon code<not sure if thats what it is or called> out of the code...or like can I just put a pic in there<if so how> and will it unfold and fold it all? soz if im not being very clear...
Ummmm.... I think you were trying to say how do you get a texture in there? If so then well... I mod for one, so I use entity to extract the model frist. then I used photoshop to flip teh texture horazontly. (you have to do that entity is werid like that) Then Import into the program And I think you have to flip the faces. Then just import. Then go to #dModelWindow and Texture Configureation. Then find it and then your done. Hit ok or whatever and then your done. Its textured!! I'm going to get some cardstock tommorw maybe so yeah. Or i might do it on wood or canvas I don't know yet. But yeah.... So is it good for a frist?


:hyper: Dootuz :hyper:

EDIT: By pollygon code do you mean texture? If so then yes.
so is entity a program I can get to use to do this?<if so were>and the texture is an individual item right?And when you say flip the texture horizontally turn ^ > or some other way?...and the med kit looks awesome.
Actually, I like them that size. I could detail a couple and keep them in the belt pouches w/ my ammo.

If only I could do that in campaign :hyper:
conspicously attach it to a wall in the mall then run through with the MC armor on and take it :dee:
You need Entity and the halo 1 and 2 maps. You just extract the models. Then it tkaes the texture to. Is it agiesnt the rules to post like the fold thing on here? If its not I will post i!
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