My Helm is off to all of you...

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I read the posts almost daily.. And I enjoy seeing all the pictures and walk thoughs for how you all have or are making your armor and gear...

Am I am floored how you all share the details of you hard work and sweat, so that others who are not as talented as you all can try their hand at making their own CM gear.. /bravo /cheer

But it did knock me down a little when there are a bit of a flame war going on about who's armor ppl like or don't like... True ppl should have a chance to talk about their opinions, but please try and put it into a context so that is does not give a black/white, red/blue spin to it...

YOU ALL are very talented to beable to even make the first piece of armor from scratch.. And again I am awed by the skill it takes to do it..

I wish I had just a Nth of any of your skills to try this on my own...
But alas I just know how to break things, and put them back together..

I am glad to see you all have gotten back together and I wish I was closer to ATL to see some of you at DC...

Please keep up the good and fantasic work on your equipment and know that trolls like me enjoy reading and seeing your work.. and that it is well like no matter how you feel it may not quite look right to your diserning eyes.... ;)
thanks for the comments, (not that they are for me)

But welcome to the site. I'm going to move this site to the General forum though.
Welcome and thanks

Welcome Noob, just wanted to say thanks for your comments. It's nice to know that there are people like you out there who appreciate whats going on here. Honestly I am just as thrilled that this site exists and I finally have an some people to talk to who are as interested in this stuff as I am. I think my family and friends are all breathing a sigh of relief right now that I found an outlet for this obsession that is this constructive and creative.

I agree that it was a little uncomfortable to see some people not getting along at first, but you have to expect a little of that here and there. I really hate to see the people who I respect and admire disrespect each other. Sometimes being proud of what you do manifests itself in negative ways. I think calmer minds have prevailed. After all we do this for ourselves firstly, but now (thanks to this website) we are part of a community and it's going to be better for everyone to get along with each other.

And keep reading, maybe we can convince you that you're just as capable of doing this stuff too. For me thats the motivation, to pass on what I've learned in this process to anyone who wants to know. It just takes motivation and some practice. Having all this talent together in one place for the first time certainly helps.

It's gonna be a great resource.
Poor Sean forgot to sign in before he posted.. very nicely put though, you too noob. :)

I'm probably one of the main ones to blame for lighting fires by talking about folks that hadn't joined us yet. I hadn't considered how my unapologetic form of criticism might be taken by the folks themselves if they'd read them. Ideally, they weren't meant to be read by them, and wouldn't have been troublesome if they hadn't joined us, but it's no excuse for callous remarks on anyone's hard work. I'll certainly be more careful from here out.

I'll say this though.. I've never seen a halo costume or prop that I didn't automatically have respect for... It's just always easier to find flaws when the rest of it looks so great.

One of my goals in being here, and being a part of this community is to help raise the bar for all of us, however, I'll certainly be more professional about my critiques in future.
My Bad

Was it that obvious it was me? ;)

Not to worry Deadguy. I wasn't really referencing you, just the tone of things as this site reels in the rest of halo costuming community. I've said some things I regretted too about people who I really respect (thank god for that edit button!). Reading constructive critisism on a web page is difficult, it's hard to judge the tone of the written word. As we get to know each other better the misunderstandings should be fewer and fewer.
It's just a process as we all learn how to get along with each other. It all works out it the end.

Again I'm just really glad to be here, it's about time we all got together.
dont' let him fool you, he can see who it was with the IP button that mods get.
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