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Ok Guys, I finished my helmet just in time for halloween. ( I am going as MC on vacation, basically me with helmet and hawaiin shirt) Here is the pictures of how it happened: . It only shows me doing from teh paper mache to the end with no painting. The only thing I have to say I am not happy about it that for some reason, the left (if your wearing it) brim is pulled up but it is fine I guess. I have a clear visor for it so I can see.

THis helmet costed me 0$ for everything. It may look a bit rough on the pic but it looks better if you were to see it in real life. I am really happy with the results.

P.S. Thank you guys for all the help. All the info was here. Maybe when I get some resources and money I will make the full suit out of fiberglass and all that stuff. Again. Thanks for all of the help and......Happy Halloween
heh i got my HJC gold visor for around 23 bucks.... Went MaX Pitts in Peru indiana.... i spend so much money in there that they give me a flat discount on every thing i buy... gata love em :)
u can see right through ur visor so people can see ur face, i like ur helm by the way i just suggest adding some details

just get a new visor and the detailing
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