Props My MA5K Build so far (Spoiler alert) New Pics page 2 Nov 2nd

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it looks amazing, and im sorry about the shotgun pics..

ill try to take another set(number 3 now) later today


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i have seen the light, and u are the angel who showed me, lol

good job, prolly the best MA5K i will ever see


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So I knew the first firearm I had to make was a MA5K. and here are some pics of the build so far. I hope to have it done by the end of this week. it is made from scrap wood and some metal I had laying around my shop. I wanted this Prop to have a real feel to it so I opted for metal and wood construction. Visit my album to see more pics, will update this thread as I get more done.[/b]

is the mag. housing made from solid wood or is it pieces glued together then sanded down?
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