My Master Chief Armor

Spartan 270

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Yea, i anticipated that. this is only my prototype armor. i plan to build more better armors.

PS: Monstermaker13 i saw your homemade spartan vid on youtube, awesome job.


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Paint will...but what about spraypaint? I'm making my Sniper Rifle out of Cardboard.
And for a first, that is pure awesome. The chest plate is a bit off, but it's still good.

Spartan 270

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Ok heres more pics of my AR and SMG that i built. I orginally had 2 smgs that i could dual weild but some bird craped on one of them while i was spray painting.




I still got some work to do on the weapons, but this is what i got so far. i upgraded the smg so it can attach to my armor's Thigh plates or Back pack :mrgreen:


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Spartan 270, you should use bondo or fiberglass. But nice work! ^^

It's hard using cardboard (I cut my friend's finger with an X-acto when I was trying to do something with the cardboard)

Spartan 270

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Fiberglass and Bondo work well too, but card board is still a pretty good material, I'm probably gonna use Fiberglass or Plastic on my next armor though. ;-)

Spartan 270

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The second picture of the unpainted torso and helmet is when i first started. In total i made 3 helmets and fixed some piecies, such as the torso, in order to get the armor to look how i wanted it too.

Spartan 270

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Not yet, I still havent found a good under armor. So for now im sticking with black long sleeves and black pants till i do get the under armor. ;-)
you should do what i did use actual under armor it works fine for me but you know what ever you want to do is fine good work so far

Spartan 270

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Ok heres more pictures of my pretty much finished armor. :mrgreen:
If you look carefully, you can see that my SMG can attach to my armor like in the game. :hyper:

NOTE: I havent gotten the under armor yet, so im just usin a black shirt and pants in the pics. And the flash of the camera kinda goes through my lense so the lense looks kinda weird in some of the pics.









And a salute to all Spartan out there! :celebrate:

Well, what do you think of my nearly finished armor?