My Master Chief Armor

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I'm new here, so i just decided to post my armor and weapons that I built. Not completely done yet though. I'll be posting some pictures of the finished products soon. THE PICTURES ARE ON PAGE 2
I have some progress pictures to post up too but my dad still needs to hook the digital camera up to my computer. He's been really busy lately so I'll get them REALLY REALLY soon. sorry for the delay
Ok, here's a tutorial one of my friends made:
1. Go to
2. Click on "Browse"
3. Choose the picture
4. Press upload
5. Wait for load
6. Click on the second line of text
7. Go to where you want to post said image
8. Right click on a field of area where you can type
9. Press "Paste"

Here is, for an example, a line of text linking to a pic of Brute Ref Pics:

Get rid of the LINE OF TEXT THAT SAYS ".th" and keep one period, this is for the full image. If you want a thumb leave it in. I reccomend to leave it in if it is a Digital Camera Pic.
Ares, i followed your tutorial, but the thing doesnt wana post it to my blog for some reason can u make your tutorial a little more detailed.
Ares, i got up to the second page, but what do i click on next? thers a button that says Quick Post. i put in the site in the second line like you said but now what do i do?
Use, very easy, sign up, go to your album and jsut upload, you can now upload 3 photos at a time
after you load them on photo bucket, scroll down in your album and youll see all your pcitures, and theres 3 codes under them and one says IMG, copy that one and then past it into your response box
Ok heres some pics of my armor. So, what do you think? This is the first armor i made and i think i did ok. more pics will come soon.








Here's the AR ive been working on..


more pics will come soon, so what do you think?

I got more pics of my full armor comming in soon.

Broken image links fixed by Red. :christa:
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