My master chief Helmet! OUT OF PEPAKURA!

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Im goint to move this topic and start again! I wasent realy ready when i made this topic
Soz nope im gona start propaly this friday....... unless you want pics of firbreglass container's. EXITING!
The reason i startid it know is becouse i want ideas for my armor. kk see why i startid topic early.
Cool but remember that threads without pics of progress or serious questions get locked.
No "I'm gonna do stuff" threads essentially.

What kind of armor ideas are you looking for? ex. /\/\4k3z 1t bl00z, or 4 fans in the helmet, or ?
Any ideas till friday (starting day) so i now need some ideas for a helmet im gona have leds,fans,microphone.... so on...
Yeh so just post some ideas/pics so on.............
3 weeks seems like a long time, it took a few of us 2-3 weeks to fold the entire suit and have it laying around until we got back up and started resin/glassing.

Make sure you're using cardstock
Im using plain and simple card and hot glue gun, and resin for the strength and some other fibreglass that you can sand.
And using wet,n,dry sandpaper. Itrs good for deatails. and im only doin the helmet at the moment.

And it all starts tomorow after school!
Just a tip concerning hot glue. It's got a lot of volume to it, and it's hard to be precise. Just make sure you start with the small details and then go big.

Oh, and do it in sections. It'd be soooo much easier that way.
just a note,

sanding fiber glass by hand is REALLY REALLY hard...

if your going the cheap route and not use bondo, at least use some spackle!

unless you want cuts on your hands that is...

also, when applying glue, make sure to use only SMALL DOTS. of glue, or it will go over the flaps and u'll have to correct it with your finger or cut it off later..... which is a pain in the arse...

make sure the numbers are aligned correctly like


and not


or else it will come out all warped...

just a few pointers of what i learned thru doing my suit.
Yeh ive done all this before and i know not to use to much hot glue. And at the mo im makin another haleween costume for me or friend. Its the robot forklift from alian the movie. and thats on a fourm called what costume should i make? in genral discution.
So as i sead im not a noob at making armor ive done a boba fett costume witch il put some pics up on the other fourm i made.

And can you say any things that i need to be carefull of.
Sanding fiberglass is like sanding wood, you need to get hold of a sturdy part, then sand away, It took me about 2-3 hours sitting out there, I paitned my piece first to see imperfections and bumps in the resin, helped alot, otherwise without painting the helmet, it looks smoooooth already,.
Im using a realy touog and easy to sand fibreglass its got the fibreglass sheet sort of mixed up in the mixture. And the wet,dry sandpaper will make it very smooth indeed! when wet makes very smooth finish when dry its realy easy to sand with! perfect for me!
it will be like this........................................

I put resin on helm for trength..... then i put the fibreglass sheets on (litle outside) and then put on the sandibly fibreglass stuff.
Here's some pics of progress so far..................

Great lots of work ta do i loveee it................ :oops:

Yay more cutting out! o_O

Me!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! oh sorry pic fright.

Ok il be done by mayby sunday but i never know.

Thanks for waiting for me to start folks!
good luck dude, and be sure to work quickly, i had bumps and horns from the resin becoming jelly because i was too worried with the forward visor piece and was too slow.
be quick, be steady and the pain will ease off in the end
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