my mc armour

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Damn NewYorka! that helmet already looks like a $100 bux! I'm startin to think that i should use the new models now, rather then use the helmet i have partially glassed. But for the sake of time(if I find there is one) I might just have to make another helmet later on, usin the model you did. Which whose model was it?
Its flying Squirrels. It looks really good I cant wait to glass it. It already has so much detail in it all the extra time you spend cutting and pasting are nothing compared to the hours you would spend trying to make the other pep file look HALF as detailed afterwards. There are 2 people here already that have glassed it and done all the detail work and it looks awesome.;#entry92299

Now THAT looks like $100 bucks. Can you believe that started out as pep. The new model is worth the time.
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why are there so many noobs hijacking threads?

Because they can't make their own topics anymore...and honestly, it's annoying as hell.
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