My pep armor....the process at least.

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Okay so i got my scale and everything together. built my right forearm

i'm now building the .....idk yet.


Yep. I plan on it. but i want to do everything at once.....or a couple pieces at least.

I used yellow paper because I'm going to have left over yellow paint for my car. So here I come....U cant miss me!
Something odd ive noticed though, the yellow tinted cardstock seems to absorb the resin better than the white cardstock....I dont know why =/
Lol nothings resined yet. thats just the scotch tape used to hold together till i can get a better deal. i used a hot glue gun first.....then it broke. so i improvised. lol thanks tho.
i think you got the scaling wrong, i had a problem with this before too, its not the length of the arm that really matters, its the width at where the elbow is, i figured out a formula to scale is so the part at ur elbow is much smaller, the wrist however stays the same, if your interested pm me
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