My Pep Helmet (Almost Done!)

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Well, after reading all the stickies and such I have finished my helmet! All I need to do it paint it and put a visor in. Check it out:

It's not perfect, the shape is weird at some parts, but for the most part it looks pretty good. The one thing I need help with is where do the little black vent things go on the side? Maybe a kind soul could mark where they should go in MS Paint? That would be sweet. Other then that, just post feedback and comments :) Thanks.
The black tubing as redsleighdown told me is called Wire Tubing, go to your local radio shack and ask for some they come in different lengths and widths, or you can just cut up some black hose. Be creative helmet looks great! A little malformed but you can fix that with a heat gun. Are you going to resin?
Actually, I already have the tubing, I'm just not sure exactly where it goes on the helmet ><. Also, no I'm not going to resin it, ill just leave it as paper mache then paint it. I guess Ill have to put a sealer over the paint as well. I'm trying to keep it cheap :).
my paper mache helm is almost done. how many layers of paperf did you use? looks like you used 4 newspapers. it also looks very lopsided
Spartan857 said:
my paper mache helm is almost done. how many layers of paperf did you use? looks like you used 4 newspapers. it also looks very lopsided
It's a bit of a mix and match actually, I started out with the one layer, then I added more to the jaw and the top/front of the helmet to help the shape. Also, it looks a little malformed now unfortunately, it just seemed to dry that way :( The one thing I could use help with is the placement of the visor and the little vents. With those pictures as a base, is there any chance that one of you could perhaps mark where the vents would go, and where I would cut out for the visor? Does this look right? (I know the vent marks are crooked, I just tossed it together with paint.)
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ur helm looks good although it looks to be made from paper mauche and that kinda makes it look weird but just on some parts as a whole a looks real good
Well I'm finally going on a supply run today. Hopefully I can find the paint (which is proving to be difficult). I'll also be picking up some electrical supplies, as I would like to wire up some LEDs to the sides of the helmet :). Wish me luck!
Well I got my paint. I had to settle for Acrylic but that is fine. I ended up going with an "Avocado Green", looks pretty damn perfect. I also got my LEDs and supplies. I have painted on the first coat of green so far. Once I get the second coat + the black parts done Ill post some pictures. After that I just have to get the visor installed, which I will be picking up tomorrow, along with a sheet of gold tint.
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