My Project


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I am going to be constructing my first suit and I cant wait, I'm going to be working very hard on my armor and i should have an update by tomorrow.

By the way, before i start, is there anything i should know that many people over look?



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If you dont trust scaling, just print out copies on normal paper, ensures you get the size you want, without wasting cardstock


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Hey Everyone, I have just finished my helmet and have already started on my chest.

Sorry though, no pics as of now,
I should have some in my next update
What would be better,
Foaming with Great Stuff then fiberglassing
fiberglassing then Foaming (so the foam doesn't make the helmet expand to much)


Sarge Christi

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woah, you finished your helmet that fast?
you'll probably want to make sure you have some kind of padding in your helmet.


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yeah, i wasnt in a hurry or anything but i worked till about 2 then i woke up at about 8 and started work again,i was finished at around 3 or so
But im happy with the results.


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ok guys
Im back and i have some pics for you...

Edit: Ummm, how do i reduce the pictures?

Just a few little treats
I'll have some more later,
But right now i gotta go work on the chest piece,


Edit: Whoa, huge pics, srry guys :shock:


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ehh, i used hot glue,
I had to hold it and i was like "ow the pain"
but it was all worth it
By the way, im almost done with my shoulder pads (chest) so i'll be posting some pics of that too



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ok guys, srry about the double post but i have an update and i have some pictures to show!!

The Chest is finished, well folding and gluing.
By the way, click the pics for full size


and the other thing!!!, im finished with the biceps :hyper:
meh, they weren't very hard

Size comparison, with meh kitty! ;-)

And, all together now...
Yeah i know im a skinny fella

Next im going to make my forearms and legs!!