My Tesiv Oblivion Mod Progress


I'm working on a mod for TESIV Oblivion right now, which I'm going to call Seingald Chronicles (there will probably be more if this one gets enough downloads)

many of you know of my story, and I've decided that I will make the quest line in the mod set before the events of Demon Crisis (somewhat that of a prequel, but you can't really play a story book)

-Velvinium City
-Belvidrill City upper class
-Belvidrill City lower class
-Landscape surrounding major cities
-landscape "wall" surrounding playable areas
-main quest charactes

-Landscape away from major cities
-misc characters
-interiors of buildings in and around major cities
-texturing landscape away from major cities
-quest line
-landscape clutter (rocks/trees/etc.)
NOTICE: fpr sp,e reaspm it will not allow me to post type scripts
here are a few pics

[url=""]Path to Velvinium[/url]

[url=""]new medium/low class[/url]
[url=""]new upper class[/url]
[url=""]stairs between new and old[/url]
[url=""]old town, destroyed[/url]

tell me what you think

once i fix my computer the be able to take screen shots ingame, i'll take some screenies at better angles, because these are only over views and you can't see everything

NOTE: for some reason it will not allow me to post [IMG] scripts
here are some better screenshot angles

[url=""]the stairs to Velvinium[/url]
[url=""]Velvinium 1[/url]
[url=""]Velvinium 2[/url]
[url=""]Velvinium 3[/url]

[url=""]Belvidrill 1[/url]
[url=""]Belvidrill 2[/url]
[url=""]Belvidrill 3[/url]
[url=""]Belvidrill 4[/url]
[url=""]Belvidrill 5[/url]
[url=""]Belvirdrill 6[/url]
[url=""]belvidrill 7[/url]
[url=""]Belvidrill 8[/url]

Ruins of old Belvidrill
[url=""]Stairs leading to ruins (from new town)[/url]
[url=""]another view of those stairs[/url]
[url=""]Belvidrill Ruin 1[/url]


over 30 views, but not one reply....

c'mon, i need feedback on my progress so far
im still working on getting ingame screenies, but the thing is not working for some reason

srry for double post, but i also need to add this

The Seingald Chronicles mods will take place BEFORE the story Demon Crisis (both are in the making so don't go looking for because you will come up empty handed)

episode one will be a mod that just lets you in on some of the lore, it will have some quests in it that tell you how some of the characters got to where they are in the story, it will also have some books that let you in on the history of Seingald. And if you're a big Oblivion player, prepare to be let down, there are no new armor or weapons in this mod (still learning how to use blender)

well.... if anyone here does know how to use blender and does have oblivion and knows how to take items out of oblivion and edit them in blender, i would love your assistance


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/me only can use 3ds max, and very poorly at that, but it looks very nice. Um... I can't tell anything else about the building textures and stuff until you can get closer views with them, but from what I can see so far they're pretty good. Keep up the good work!


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Really nice work so far.

I seen one armor mod a while back (I know its not a map or nothin) someone made a predator character. full armor, cannon, spear and yells, really kicked @ss.

heres the link to it- Pred skin mod


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This is really sick man. I would love to do that but my modelling tallent are like crap.