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Sarge Christi said:
LeadingSpartan said hi. lol.
Atleast I smile.
Thanks for the comments guys.
It's weird. I know i'm sick, yet I really, really, really, want to go run.
I woke up today, i was hoarse. I couldn't speak. :shock:
So i took my first set of anit-biotics, next comes the second set, then at night I take the stuff that knocks me out. :mrgreen:

I'm a trooper. I know I'll be ok. I just think it's funny. Usually, I can't wait to get sick and be out of school, but now, I just want to go back.

In 1 day, I've drank to big bottles of Welches' 100% Grape Juice. :shock: I've drank about 10+ glasses of water. :shock:

I've watched. 12 hours of TV. Day time TV sucks, by the way.
I haven't played Xbox. I get too excited when I play. LOL.

But your too cool to be sick why dont you play live in bed though...
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Dang :shock: !

I've had a pnemunia before and it SUCKED :evil: . I was out of school for weeks :roll: ...

I feel ya Christi...

Get well soon :mrgreen: !

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I had that sickness once too like a month ago. Ya, i know it sucks. Just remember to stay in bed and rest a lot. Trust me. when i got that sickness, i went to an airsoft match the next day. It was such a stupid mistake. So beleive, when i saw try not to do anything active. Hope you get better. :)
I am better!!! Well, I can actually run around and stuff. Yay!!!
I still haven't been eating alot like I normally do. :(
Ya your better
Sorry i never got tosayhope you feel better before ive been busy so ya srry
But your better now so thats good get back to soccer
Its my absolutely favorite sport but cant play it :(
oh well
I'm glad you're feeling better.

Too bad you used up your 405th sick days for the year :p j/k

Have fun with soccer. :D

I play Ultimate Frisbee myself cause I can't kick for beans.
I play basketball at my church alot, cause we just got new Goalrilla goals :)!

Glad your better!

After all, it has been like, what, a week or two ;) ?

Oh well. Good luck w/ your tournamemts and...stuff...

Haha, thanks guys. I want to put up some soccer pics in my album. :D
I'm so excited.
And it's never too late to say get better. Haha
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