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Sarge Christi

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The doctor says he thinks I have mycoplasma. It's alias is "walking pneumonia".
It would explain why I've been feeling like **** this past week and last. He's already put me on anti-biotics.
I missed school today and I'm going to miss it tomorrow. My soccer coach is gonna be mad. We have our first game this weekend and I'm the team's goalie. We have a backup goalie but she's new to varsity so she needs to get acquainted, but it looks like she's gonna dive in head deep.
I can't play soccer for the next couple of days.

Basically, I feel tired all the time. It's like having the common cold, but amplified by 4 times. It's not fun.
Poor Christi :( I hope you'll be ok, but hopefully the anti-biotic they gave you will work well, Just get your rest and blow your nose alot, and don't take any risks, Get well soon!
Yep, I'm hopin it gets better. I need to get back to soccer.
I need to look good and fit, I got an important video this winter to do.
I'm ready to go run around. :mrgreen:
Yea... And just get lots of rest in... :)... That should do alot...

And apple sauce and coke... I think that's some of the things that help with colds... :\
'Cept this isn't a cold.
I've been drinking water and grace juice.
Coke's a bad idea because it will dehydrait you.

I just took the second third of my anti-biotocs. I'm feeling tired and likeI'm high.
Oh I know how that feels... Just lie down... and see if you can fall asleep... :\...
But you probably rather be on here... :p
you shouldn't walk around to much, I had pneumonia for 2 weeks, even worse was that i had it when SARS first came'll intend to sleep alot, you don't feel like moving (due to lack of oxygen), and it will be hard to breath if the case can be serious. But, I personally think you'll be fine because you are physicallyy active, it will just take time.
well pneumonia is a chest infection, you lungs fill up with water so it casues lack of oxygen so your body is always you inhale something to start it.
i had pneumonia [btw copied and pasted :3] before. twice actully ._O its terrible. atleast its not strep throat. that hurt for days. i was out 4 2 weeks. poor christi if i could i'd bake you some cookies ;-)
Wow, I feel really bad for you. I would hate to see you like that :(

And I've had strep trhoat before, and it hurts so frikin bad...

Anyway, just keep drinking fluids, keep yourself hydrated, get well soon, and that's all I can say.
LeadingSpartan said hi. lol.
Atleast I smile.
Thanks for the comments guys.
It's weird. I know i'm sick, yet I really, really, really, want to go run.
I woke up today, i was hoarse. I couldn't speak. :shock:
So i took my first set of anit-biotics, next comes the second set, then at night I take the stuff that knocks me out. :mrgreen:

I'm a trooper. I know I'll be ok. I just think it's funny. Usually, I can't wait to get sick and be out of school, but now, I just want to go back.

In 1 day, I've drank to big bottles of Welches' 100% Grape Juice. :shock: I've drank about 10+ glasses of water. :shock:

I've watched. 12 hours of TV. Day time TV sucks, by the way.
I haven't played Xbox. I get too excited when I play. LOL.
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