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Durlaburban said:
theres a wonderful thing called steel. anodized aluminum is 2.5 times stronger then steel and a fraction of the weight. Take a dimond weave kevlar shock absorbing layer and samwich it between anodized aluminum and high impact ceramic and then mabey you could survive a gunshot but plasma... forget it your dead.
That's what happened to Sam in Fall of Reach. (I'm pretty sure it was Sam). John and his team boarded a Covenant Cruiser wearing their armor before they got shields. A jackel shot Sam, and he had to stay behind because there was a whole in his suit. Since the only way out was through a whole in the ship that led to space, he was screwed.
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we should keep this all on the downlow so no younger kidz try this. :cautious: .or military people try to make this....think about it MJOLNIR armor is around the corner of warfare as we know it..


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Bullet proof is a loaded term. There are differnet levels. Cops use the basic vest made to stop an average handgun caliber and bullet. The level 4 ceramic plates are made to take the common infantry round but will not stop a higher powerd round let alone anything with a penatrator. No personal body armor will stop a .50, and alot fail against 5.7mm (weght x mass x Acceleration anyone?). Plus the body is not 100% coverd in armor.


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Well, if no one does it before me, I'm going to test to see how many layers of fiberglass can take what, and how much that certain piece weighs. I will test:<ul>[*]No Fiberglass[*]2 Layers of Resin[*]1 layer of fiberglass[*]2 layers of fiberglass[*]5 layers of fiberglass[*]10 layers of fiberglass[/list]I will shoot the above items with:<ul>[*]An airsoft gun[*]A bb/pellet gun[*]A paintball gun[*]A .22cal LR[/list]I will do this probably this spring, when it gets warm enough to actually fiberglass. Then I will post it in the Pepakura forums, seeing that this is related to paper covered in fiberglass. :D


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The only problem with having armor like the Chief's is its weight. It weighs almost 1000 pounds, and the only reason MC could use it was because of his body enhancements. No average human could carry around something so heavy yet strong.