N.S.I. Battle Clan

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Durlaburban and I have made a miniature Battle Clan
by the name of the N.S.I. (Northern Specialized Infantry).
I am going to make a better site than our current one.

If you are interested in joining the NSI
Battle Clan, then PM me.

The NSI is a Halo 3 and Lost Planet
clan only. I will have a siggy made for you, if you wish to be in the NSI.

Happy Holidays,

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I would join but I am already in a well put out clan ISK. But it seems like you guys are a very nice clan. Good Luck
K-22 you seem to forget i am the leader and you should of asked me before recruiting but i accept anyway. I will be making your siggys and i recomend you pm me not k-22.


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Durlaburban said:
anyone can join. its not xbl until i get my xbox somtime within the next month or so

coolness. count me in! just make sure to let me know everything i should. a new sig sounds nice too
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Hey Joey, I am the one getting the Xbox 360 here (im getting it in 2 days). You dont have one.

Hey Spartan 857, NSI is a Halo 3 and Lost Planet clan. People who want
to join need some skill. I want to make a website, but Durlaburban
says I cant make one, and that HE's the leader (he kinda is
considering he came up with the NSI).

I am the one getting the Xbox 360, and you can PM me about any further
questions regarding the NSI Battle Clan. (That goes for EVERYONE!)

Happy Holidays,

Not so happy holidays:

Notice of discharge:

Spartan K-22

Reason for discharge.
Suspected of communications failier and unauthorized recruitment

Requesting that you remove the siggy

Signed: Spartan Z-44
Request denied.

Reason: Has Xbox 360, and
has Clan Setup in motion.

Signature will not be removed.

Recruitment will be available before January 10th.
Only on Xbox 360 Live: Jump In.

Signed over,

hhhmmmm ok i see...... Have fun without me. Your helmet. the one I made. It makes a great target for my new .22

But may i ask you use your own clan name?? ill make your siggy for you. N.S.I. is distinctivly mine... It always shall be too. DONT push me sam. I may have to Push back.


Spartan-K22 and Durlaburban, you guys need to stop fighting. just acknowledge that you both have different clans now and at least try to get along. if you two are still mad then both block each other for until your both over this. = (y)


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im willing to join so long as the clan is..
1.on xbox live for sure
2. both you guys are in the clan as leaders and friends
3. Definitelly NO RIVALRY

these gentlemen are my requirements in order to keep the peace between you two..and for me to join. :lol: .so what is the answer..can i join and who do I talk to on live i will be on all day but my gamertag is T4QAZOLE contact me when you can or Pm me here for info alright i will be online in a few..later

Spartan K51 out
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