Need help deciding


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SO, i have seen many of the models and read alot in the posts from other people, and it looks like the best quality suits are made from clay or vacume. However i have no skill in building a sculpting model fromt he ground up like adam did so i thought i was in a whole. Then i thought of this process, Build the pep armor fiberglass it, sand it, then take the hobby cast clay and put over top of the fiberglassed armor, get the general design and shape for that piece of armor, then use a razor like knife to carve in and cut away so that i get the details. After that i would then apply the silicon to the new clay model, buid the exo skeliton with the casting like in some of adams vid's on youtube. Remove both exo and silicon mold off of the clay helmet, put slilicon in exo then pour in plastic and get the final product. I was going to go with this design so i could get the most life like suit possible, but i am unsure if this is a good path to take. I then saw that there were some good suits made by fiberglassing then putting "mud" on the suits. So i'm stuck on what path to take, should i follow my original path, should i just fiberglass, or should i do this "mud" way? If sombody could help me that would be awsome. Thanks :p