need help with cardboard

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guys i need help with starting my mjolnir armor out of cardboard what is the best way to start it out
uhh no i tried pep and i couldnt do it so im just gonna try cardboard i need help tho like what to start on first
putting pep together is super easy, its just prepping it thats a pain, when im doing a pep helm, i start with the visor and everything just branches out from there, also i make it infront of my PC so i can check which peice is which, super helpful..

i dont know anything about CB.. sorry

I have a bit of experience with cardboard, so first things first I recommend you make a wraparound for your head. This'll be the basic frame that you build off of, and it'll make sure that the helmet fits you and isn't too big. After this it's really more up to your own creativity and commitment to detail to determine how you go about building the rest.
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