need help with pepakura . ( what is resin or the next step ect )


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Im a girl and this is my first time working with pepakura . Im planning to do a cosplay of caboose from red vs blue. I dont know much about building stuff and my dad refuses to help me when it comes to cosplaying so im doing this by myself. I already know how to do the pepakura and I have already made the helmet . Though, for the next step Im a bit confused about... I reasearched alote with people doing videos with this so called material "fiberglass and resin". To be honest I dont really know much about what it is and if its toxic. So im wanting to know what material I should use after making the papekura. Like if i did use it with resin would i have to put extra things inside the helmet. I dont know i heard that this stuff can kill brain cells. Morely wherever i look up i dont get that much info and i dont want to do something dangerous. Im sorry if this sounds stupid i dont know much about this stuff. I want to go with the resin option yet, another thing is, If i had to paint it onto the cardstock helmet would i first cut out the piece where the visor would go first. Or do i do that afterwards painting it.

Also I saw a video of someone adding a modable substance onto their helmet after they added the resin. Do you perhaps know what they used? Is it something I should also do when it comes to the next step of making the helmet.

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Fiberglass resin is extremely toxic. Safety equipment is needed while using resin. I don't know exactly what chemicals are in resin. But I can tell you that resin is used to make a thick she'll around the paper. The paper obsorbes the resin and the object become really hard and solid. It is still breakable. But it's much more stable. Be in a well ventilated area, use safety gloves, goggles and a mask while using resin. It's very very spelly. It will over power the fumes of gasoline without even trying.


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Alright, so first off, welcome to the 405th!

Next, I'm going to suggest you do a lot of reading, it will help you a lot through the next couple of steps on your build. That being said, here is a quick summary to help you with the Basics.

Polyester resin ( more commonly called fiberglass resin) is a toxic substance when it is uncured. You HAVE to work with it outside or in a VERY well ventilated space.

So, your helmet is currently just a 3d paper model... we have to make it solid. First, you'll want to apply a coat of resin to the outside. Wait for it to cure, and then a coat on the inside. You should support the inside with popsicle sticks or similar to prevent warping during this process. (Look at other people's builds for this to see how they did it).

Congratulations, you now have a rigid, but fragile shell of a helmet. Time to add some strength. There are 2 popular methods for this. I'll start with the one I used. I mixed up a 50-50 mixture of fiberglass resin and bondo-brand automotive body filler, added enough liquid hardener for the whole thing, and then slush ed the whole thing around in the helmet until it hardened up. This is a quick and simple method, but my helmet is still relatively brittle aND quite heavy. The other method is to put a few layers of fiberglass (and resin) on the inside of the helmet, which will make it very strong.

Boom, now you can use small amounts of body filler to finish detailing and smoothing the helmet on the outside.

Good luck!

Also... when applying resin to the paper helmet, don't be afraid to mix your resin and hardener in small batches and only do small sections of the helmet at a time.

All of this info is available on this website, I'd recommend going over to the elite section and reading some of the threads there...Thorrsoli's build comes to mind as being very detailed.


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Since you were asking for a alternative to the resin that is commonly used, and purchased in the automotive section of Walmart. This should help. Used the walmart brand before, not really my preferred choice since can't stand having to shave my beard off just to get a good seal on my respirator. So the next time I plan on using this stuff to harden my peps. Most likely I will purchase the MEDIUM Epoxymate. 22 minutes should be enough time to do torso pep file in one sitting. Considering a torso pep takes up the most surface area of a set of armor. Hope that helps.
is there anything else that i can use as resin for a replacement thats not toxic?

There are just some things i believe only new members can help new members with! (dont ask how. It just happens ;D)
Now, you shouldnt be afraid of using resin. Yes, it will be very toxic while its drying but after its dry, it will be safe.
BUT REMMEMBER. wear a gas mask and latex gloves when covering the helmet with it. It wont cost more then 20$ to buy a mask and a box of gloves. ( i only payed 15 euros)
Now, to find those materials. Go to a home-depot store, (think of a shop where you can get paint, tools etc) and just ask for "Fiberglass resin" (or plexiglass resin is the same thing) and the hardener to go with it. Next, ask for fiberglass mat (or fiberglass fabric) and they will give you a white fabric. Careful around this because it may make your hands get itchy! (its not from the material. its because its short of spikey). Last but not least, ask for "putty" and hardener. (you will also need the mask and gloves here)
Now you have the materials and your paper models! Go to a room with lots of open space (and open windows! very important for ventilation). Take a brush of your choice and mix the resin with a little hardener with a stick or something (ask the shop for the analogy) and start covering with it. Make small layers and you could also try making it in segments (example: cover the bottom first and the top after. Not neccessarily in that order) Make sure that you have put sticks (like those you get from ice cream) (you can get those in a shop with arts& crafts supplies) so that ,when the paper gets heavier by absorbing the resin, it doesnt loose its shape. I would suggest doing at least 2 or 3 layers of resin. Then, start with putty. mix the putty with the hardener and then, well. . im not sure about that. I am sure some tutorial will be able to help you! Dont think its hard! Its not hard work, its just a lot of it

Good luck on your build! Dont give up and it will come out amazing!

Edit: Before you start covering up the top with resin, take the fiberglass fabric and cut it in little squares. Cover one side with your mixed hardener-resin mixture and then place it inside the helmet (or the inside side of your armor anyway) and make sure its stuck there well! These will provide A LOT of support. Again, dont forget to support the build with wooden sticks so it doesnt loose its shape. Once you've covered the entire inside, you should also cover that with a layer of resin so it doesnt get pringly and to make sure its nicely glued together in there! Then get to the outside.
Good luck again!