Need Spartan Laser Width

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Well, I've officially started my Laser. My printout has arrived, and all I need now is the width of the laser. Anyone know? Yes, I've googled, but all I get is the length.

Please! I want to make this 100% accurate!
Your printout?

Also, I'd say it's about 5, maybe 6 inches wide.

Editing instead of double posting ;P

about same width as a rocket launcher or a assault rifle so about 1 foot or less

Assault rifles and rocket launchers have a big difference in width. I wear a size 12 shoe and it's only about half an inch off from 1 foot. He'd have one freaky looking Sp'laser if he went for 1 foot.
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Hmmm, I was guessing around 5-6 inches too....closer to 6 (for ease of measuring). Good, I feel more confident having someone else assume an equal width.

Yeah, requested a printout from my girlfriend's mom, who works at a supplier company that sells Autodesk stuff. Though I never get special access to Autodesk stuff (sadly), I *can* ask for large-scale pages to be printed out. This time around, it's the Spartan Laser....a 40" long sheet full of color and accuracy :D

Already I've copied most of the lines onto a wooden board, onto which I plan to add clay for details. Then molding, casting, blah blah blah...
Pictures will come later, when I get more work done. An uncut piece of wood with lines on it isn't very interesting.

....and hello there Nugget, a Texan guy eh? Man I love that state :)
Blue Vertex said:
.oO(Gee, I wonder if that's for sale, and who made that spartan laser...)

Yeah....I hate doing it, but with all the stupid fraud's I've seen and been hearing about, I figured I'd just not make it possible for any of my stuff. Even progress pics :(
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Wow, I had no idea fraud was such a problem.

Now I know to do something similar when posting my pics!
MysticLegend said:
Now I'm waiting for my test clays to get here, so I can see what works better.

Wow! That looks awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product.
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I'm a Graphic Designer, and the method MysticLegend has employed is very sound.

He's using up a lot of pixels over a large area of the subject matter, so even if you were trying some clone tool/patch tool/healing tool/channel witchery, you'd still be losing most, if not all of the image. It actually might be even more effective if his letters were a bit less transparent, but come on, we're not printing money here.
Well, I prob make it sound worse than it is. I doubt there are frauds at every turn, and even so....most of them have been about armors, not weapons. Still, I really really hate cheaters, so I'm taking a simple step to make it harder for them. Maybe it's not Photoshop proof, but it'll deter anyone wanting an easy pic.

Also, anyone know how to add pictures to the post itself; not the thumbnails like I did....the bigger pictures. When I went to add mine from photobucket (using the "add picture" button), it said something like "can't add pictures with dynamic links". Eh?
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