Nerf Dart Gun to Halo pistol

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Darth Malevelus

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Well almost,

I painted this silver, then flat black, and then using a sanding sponge, I weather it using my experience with firearms I deal with every day at work.

What do you think? It doesnt have the lil hod over the front site area, but I think its a decent start. The two lower holes will be filled with two small mag lites.




It might need abit more weathering, but the wife asked me where I bought the pistol when I set it on the counter LOL

I know it looks nothing like the halo pistol,... LOL but it was fun to play none the less. :mrgreen:
Nice!!! :mrgreen:

That pistol was my first attempt at weathering a paint job, and also making a weapon/prop out of something even though all I did was paint it.
I love the weathering you did on it looks very cool. You can have a ton of fun with nerf, I am in the process of making a halo weapon from a longshot I will upload some pics as i move biggest issue is figuring out when to paint it. Past experience has shown that nerf are best painted when being modded, that way you dont get paint on any of the firing mechanisim. But given that i am going to be applying a lot of clay to get the correct shape i dont see how i can do that this time so just figuring out how best to apply tape etc.. I have the longshot already broken down and ready for modding.
Awesome job. I've been thinking....the nerf longshot looks similar to the battle rifle. Is it possible to convert the longshot into a battle rifle?
good idea 270 i might get one and convert it into a BR or maybe if i get some mold i might try the sniper but if i cant im sure some1 will get it done but good idea there 270
Its way to big to be a Battle Rifle. Its more like a Morita rifle, kind of like the one seen in Star Ship Troopers. Its got a strikingly similar resemblance of a Morita without the scope or front gun on. Its also very similar to the Alien Series Pulse Rifle.


Aliens Pulse Rifle^


Nerf Longshot front gun integration mod^

Look similar? A bit to similar I think :birthday:


Morita rifle from Star Ship Troopers^


Modded Longshot.

Anyways... the closest thing I have seen too a battle rifle would be this one...


The guy who made it said the scope wasn’t accurate with that, its all just cosmetics. The Longshot though is just way to bulky to actually be considered as a battle rifle.

I have been personally been looking for a Longshot locally but due to my location, (overseas) I can't seem to find one. I am part of a few Nerf Modding sites and just tend to lurk on them because Nerf and Super Soakers are a passion of mine =p.

Hope this Helps!

the modded longshot looks SWEET! battle rifle almost looks like it could be held by a spartan trying to kill you :shock:
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