New campaign Short Leaked part 2 arms race!Imax Coverage Too

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I really hope we get it in this coming friday's update, I may die from anticipation. This is a great preview for the halo movie, if I do say so myself. I want to view it in HD and analyze it frame by frame.
Bad Blood said:
if the movie is gonna be better then that, then ima like crap my pants when the actual movie comes out :shock:

awesome new forums ;)
Look at these new forge screens I can’t say how I feel but I am HYPED!!!!!!!

This is the new Xbox 360 halo page! Check out Sarge he’s awesome!
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if anyone knows where i can download those videos in quicktime it would be much appreciated. this computer doesnt like flash so i can sem to watch internet videos. :|
like i was saying in the other topic...:
falcon NL said:
i think i saw a hint of a chief in there... o_O :eek:

Im not kidding.. look at the trailer between 1:07 and 1:012 at the left side of the can see someone or something green walking into the screen and its a alot taller!

im looking if im able to make some pics of it..

Nobody notice that yet?
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