New Footage

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bungie been taking them off the there going back to the 1st pistol yea :mrgreen:
You sure? I belive you but the vids with the pistol( the MNF comm, the.. that is it right?) don't show much. I have tried to match them up with the MNF comm and am pretty darn sure that it is it, but bungie is not that blatont and the MNF was not made by bungie.


theres the laser pointer thing plus in halo is silver and H2 its black without the laser thingy
i think they will have both pistols, i mean why not it would be awesome, back to sniping with the halo pistol, and the sniper had a green screen soo i bet its the old one too XD sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
true they do have both AR and BR so why not...yea i seen that the old snip is in there also
Incredible find, thats new, I've never seen it at least.

Anybody know how to save it from YouTube, so I can watch it after Bungie makes this guy take down his post???

It's a wierd assortment of old and new weapons... I wonder how many of those will actually make it into the finished game?
i hope the pistol and ar make it !!!!!!!!! but dud the br looked cooler, looked like it had a longer barrel or somthing.......or mabey im just crazy.
it looked thicker also...well most of them are taken down...some how that one is still up
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