New armor variants coming to Halo Infinite!


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I noticed today on the disguise website there are a few new Halo Infinite items. There is the classic child master chief half mask and costume, but also a full head adult helmet! (Just like the Halo 5 version). I also noticed a brand new helmet we’ve never seen before that looks like the Mark VB Mixed with CQB or scout. I love’s only description is “spartan 1 Keystone Red” and what we see from the action figure. Spartan Mark VII



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There is new concept art which also shows the back of the Mk VII, even though the shoulders seem slightly different to the red spartan, more like Naomi's version


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Been seeing a lot of the infinite armor, pieces here an there coming up all over the place, the armor does look pretty interesting.

Sierra Charlie

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I'll be honest, besides 4/5, I was always impressed with the armor in multiplayer, and Chief's armor always looked awesome to me, but I really look forward to seeing what they come up with in inifinite. I really hope they have a classic Reach Armor pick and choose system

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