New Halo 3 Video Doc

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Sean Bradley

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Holy Friggin..... GO WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

I just did, and I'm completely freaking out! X-button revealed, 4th grenade revealed, about a minute spent on the new Assault Rifle, portable Grav lifts, trip mines, bubble shield and wieldable turrets. All of these !

UPDATE: Frankie just posted some clarification on the Vidoc.

Look here:;postcount=114

This is a HUGE news day for Halo3


Sean Bradley

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I hope you guys realize what this weapon is:


Wonder how well the Warthog is gonna work without that... :mrgreen:

"Hey, get back here with that, we're gonna need it!"

UPDATE: In this weeks Update Frankie said:

Folks spotted other things in the Vidoc too. A new weapon. I saw it referred to as the “chain gun” but I ain’t talking. Although I will tell you that no, you can’t pull the chaingun off the back of a Hog.

Well, I was wrong. :$ops:
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRIP MINE!!!! wooooooo, adn slow motion shots to the head
OMG!!!!! wooo. brb gonna change my pants after this video.


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Damn Bungie. They said no bubble grenade> HELLL YAAA. Trip mines. the BR looks wierd though. Scope kinda off. Wonder what they are gonna use for MLG starting weapon in 08 09. GOD LOVES USSSSSSS.
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