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Yeah, I'm making a chrome spartan. It's not going to be reflective chrome (like rims or somthin), but it's supposed to be like the ActiveCamo in Halo. If anyone knows how to make it more reflective, just post here, or you can just post any ideas here of anything here.
you could get that mirrored card and make it out of that. otherwise i think your eather stuck with tinfoil or needing to sand it very very smooth. good idea thoe.
Lol i'll try on my next set of armor. I got the idea because this morning, I ran out of red spraypaint, so I found some chrome Krylon paint. So I just used that. But then I eventually ran out of it. T_T
Rustoleum paint seemed to last me the entire suit, I used army green for the main color, I SPRAYED IT ON THICK plus with sand texture.....but for the most part, 1 can of army green did me good.....Never tried krylon though.
It's actually an old idea... I don't remeber who first started it, but I do remember someone starting a set of chrome armor here. I'll tell you the same thing I told them.

edit: here, I found the old thread:

Go look into actual chrome mettalization before you use bumper chrome paint. I've used spray on chrome paint on armor, and it really didn't hold up too well. It scuffed quickly and looked dull gray after 1 or 2 times wearing it.

Check this link for chroming info:

Wait... are you talking about spray painting it chrome? Although not really original and new, it would be different and more custom to a personal preference. Or are you talking about actually working with metals to make a chrome metal armor? Cause that would take a lot of work, but look amazing... I was thinking about making a helm with all Carbon Fiber and keeping the CF pattern in it too, or even SteamPunking a helm, but that would take some serious effort.

It's Vacuum Mettalizing... if you read the instructions on the page I linked, it's a permanent way of chroming plastic with a thin layer of atomized aluminum.. It stays shiny forever, and creates a real mirror finish... not just reflective like spraypaints.
Sean has the right idea. That Vacuum Metalizing would be the best way to do it. But wouldnt that take some industrial machines? I would look incredible either way.
AoBfrost said:
I think Spray painting it chrome will work. I'd like to see a Gold helmet with gold visor.

i was thinking about putting a gold visor in my helmet, but i went with a darker visor for a better contrast.
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A quote from that link:

3) Vacuum-Metalising - The most widely used technique and is common on a number of household goods and toys. If you've got anything at home thats made of plastic with a chrome finish then chances are its been VM'd.

So given a number of constraints I went down route 3, Vacuum Metalising and have found a factory in the UK which specialise in this field doing a considerable amount of work for businesses in the area including the Local Authority where they produce the reflective "mirrors" used in traffic lights/signals, they've also produced some helmets for the upcoming Brad Pitt/Orlando Bloom movie "Troy".

The process for VM is 4 stages. Firstly a base lacquer is applied to the prob. Secondly its baked in the oven at 60-70 degrees. Stage 4 is the chroming part where the prop is placed in a Vacuum chamber and is bombarded with vaporised Aluminum, and finally a top lacquer is applied, and in the Case of C-3PO it has a Gold tint.

So time to find a company that will do this kind of work here in the US.... Google anyone?
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If you want a chrome finish try and check out their KillerChrome. It's the ONLY true alternative to vacuum metalization. The demonstration videos make it look like magic.
Thanks for the tip! I'd never heard of this company.

Alsa Corp seems to be selling Vacuum Mettalization chambers:


The Killer Chrome is ... killer.


They also have Prismatic Chrome:


but their "Ghost Chrome" looks like your standard bumper chrome spray...


I'd say the options are clear... this is the best solution is you want a real chrome Master Chief... and not just a silver one.
IF you want something new, make me a white perfect condition suit, it'll be like a stormtrooper but with the chief's armor.
You know... that Prismatic Chrome makes me think 'active camo' for some reason...

That'd be sick on a full suit... and blinding in sunlight...

Sean Bradley said:
You know... that Prismatic Chrome makes me think 'active camo' for some reason...

That'd be sick on a full suit... and blinding in sunlight...


Im with Sean on this one. The prismatic has an active camo feel to it. Would be great for a Spartan III in spi armor.
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