New Map Glitches and Superbounces

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Sean Bradley

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I found a superbounce on Desolation last night and a bunch of people showed me how to do the one on Tombstone. Not that superbounces seem to do any good with these maps thanks to that fantastic invisible death barrier. :evil:

Doesn't that seem kinda wierd that these two maps are the only ones that have that... well I guess other than the train tunnel barrier in Terminal, and the various water death barriers. It kinda feels cheap.

*** I decided to split this from the discussion of the new maps, because I'm sure that it will develop into a larger discussion of tricks and stuff people are doing on the new maps.

Here are some videos and stuff I found showing these glitches.

Desolation superbounce:

Bounce to the tall tower in Tombstone:

Bounce OUT OF Tombstone (past death barrier):;sid=2396917

Bulletproof doorway on Tombstone:

Look at your own butt on Tombstone:

M6D pistol found on Tombstone!!! (Note; it's just an object, not a usable weapon):;sid=2396945

Collection of various Glitches:
Whats really funny to me is that people were *frantically* trying to find all the glitches/bugs/problems with these maps. Many websites are even running contests for people to be the first to find them. Then go look at the Halo 2 forum, and its OVERWHELMED with people complaining about these glitches.. saying how awful the maps are...

Well, when you are trying to find this stuff as hard as you get credit for it in the Halo community.. you're going to find stuff.

There was actually this guy over there demanding that Bungie or C.A. fix this stuff or that he wants his money back.... Like it's a broken appliance or something.

:mad: Wah, wah wah! The additional content that you didn't HAVE to release but did so only for my benefit isn't perfect.. Wah!

Sheesh, crybabies...

BTW Link, somebody already modded the map so they could hold the M6D, although thats all they could do with it:

Sean Bradley said:
these two maps are the only ones that have that...

Hmmm... You're not looking very hard...

But yeah, I heard about the M6D; is it an allusion to Halo: CE or aforeshaodowing of Halo 3? :shock: Or an easter egg... probably just an easter egg...

Heh, some people are REALLY obsessed if they already modded it. I still don't have the maps, might get them some time this week.
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Sean Bradley wrote:
these two maps are the only ones that have that...

Hmmm... You're not looking very hard...

What other maps can you think of where you can bounce out of the map
but if you take a single step in any direction once you've landed you die?

There are lots of death walls....these maps have death zones...

BTW: nice vid here:

Its a bounce out of tombstone to a really high tower outside the map that has no death zone.
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the invisibility zones are quite lame. I'm sure they were put there on purpose too.
like the one in tonbstone thats in the hallway when you shot at another person you cant hit them but the other person in that hall can shot at you, but it only works on oneside of the hallway
Oh, you mean the bullet proof doorways. I know what you mean.

But why are they called invisibility zones? I can see them fine, I just can't shoot them! ;-)

I was picturing a scenery wall that you could see through from the other side but people couldn't see in... like the ones on top of Turf.

Thanks for clarifying.

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