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What is important stuff to know about other members of the forums?


-type of armor
-how long been costuming
-other costumes

currently there is:


etc etc...

what do you wanna add?

so when you click on the profile, it tells you....

I need suggestions so I can add them.



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I'd agree with the examples given so far.. it all sounds useful.

I'd suggest also a "Make fan props/costume parts?"
to help folks that are looking for sources on hard armor parts to complete their costumes, etc.


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ok, good idea. Like "fabricator" or "creator"

what shall we call a person who makes stuff for other people, for hire?

We can have it show up under their avatars on the left


I'll change it later to show a small pic when it's yes, and nothing when it's no... but for now.......


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Adam said:
I'll change it later to show a small pic when it's yes, and nothing when it's no.
I like the pic idea for sellers. I see that its getting a little crowded under the avatar so i've been tryin to think of a better way to displaying some of the info. maybe some kind of pic for the xbl players and have the actual tag just in the profile?

also, maybe a currently working on: blank in the profile.
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i'm thinkin an a/s/l line under the avatar would be nice. or for us it could just be a/l. or since we have location already it could just be a. okay, nevermind, that's dumb.