New weapons in Halo 3 and their description.

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1. Spartan Laser
"A shoulder-mounted, long range cannon that takes a few seconds to prime. Hold down the fire trigger, and keep the targeting laser at the person you would like to make into a nice crispy spartan, and wait for a smaller meter to fill. Then boom, your target is fried red beam of doom, it is used as antivehicle weapon, but its also good for taking out infantry and it is more accurate than a sniper rifle which I like, but I would rather play with the sniper instead. Bungie plans for fix it so players won't kill only on-foot enemies, instead they want us to make twisted metal out of vehicles."
Featured in December's EGM Magazine, for mor information regarding Halo 3 or any other games please check out


(added pic for you) -deadguy"
2. Spike Grenade: "Similar to the spiker, a Brute weapon, the spike grenades help round out in many ways. Because when you throw one, it'll stick to all surfaces, so say there is a sniper on top of a building and you don't have a shot on him, well you can just toss the spike grenade where you think the sniper is nearest and just wait, cause it will explode and send shrapnal everywhere, even shield doors, so you can toss it right at the force field, run through then hear it explode in the face of pursuers. And like I said when the spike grenades explode, they send shrapnal flying, so beaware that if your teammate throws one to an enemy and the enemy dies don't run that way, unless team kill is off. Plus the damage reaches farther, but it doesn't affect as wide an area."
Featured in December's EGM Magazine, for mor information regarding Halo 3 or any other games please check out
3. Assault Rifle: "The old rifle from Halo 1 is back, taking the submachine gun's place as you default spawn-in weapon for multiplayer Halo 3. It's more accurate this time around. Griesemer explains: "It's fairly good at a much wider range. But... you're not going to be able to take out that guy with the shotgun unless you do some fancy footwork, and you're not going to take out that sniper unless you get close, but at least you can fight back [now]."

Featured in December's EGM Magazine, for mor information regarding Halo 3 or any other games please check out
4. Spiker: The final new weapon, its a dual-wieldable gun that pumps out sharp metal bolts at high rate of fire through its over-under double barrels, the spiker is the Brute equivalent to the human submachine gun or the Covenant plasma rifle. "It does a little more damage than the submachine gun, but it fires a little slower, says Griesemer. And the blades under the gun will do more melee damage than just a regular butt of a rifle, just like in Halo 2, Brutes put big blades on their guns to make them feel more "manly."
And last but not least, the returning weapons. These weapons are weapons that EGM knows that will be in there and this is what they saw and what they described of them.
"1.SMG-Shoots faster, and looks pointier.
2.BR-Slower shooting, but now it has a longer-range of firing.
3.Needler-It is now not a dual wield weapon, cause its more powerful, cause needles that explode should do something than make a mear flesh wound.
4.Energy Sword-Its back and is pretty much the same, some changes but Bungie won't say.
5.Pistol-Halo 2 Magnum or Halo 1 Pistol, we shall never know, until the beta version and the game are released.
6.Grenades-From what it looks like, you can only hold 2 grenades instead of 4, but you can hold the Plasma, the Frag and the Spike Grenade all at the same time, two of each though."

Featured in December's EGM Magazine, for mor information regarding Halo 3 or any other games please check out
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I'll look later and see what else I've got.. I know I've got the spike grenade in one of the bungie pics, and a spartan carrying duel spiker guns... just need time to resize and rehost them.

One additional thing about the Spartan Laser. In the EGM mag, it also described that the spartan laser sends out two lights that look like beams created by laser light pointers before the gun actually fires. The two spots widen into the killing beams, so there's at least a slight warning to the target.

(they described that when the author mentioned his short-lived warthog run on his second respawn.)

BY THE WAY... Where's the Rocket Launcher? I seem to recall mention of it being in H3, but I can't remember where that was.

*update* found it in the last Bungie Humpday: "Frankie saw this but also saw the rocket launcher on my back" (
From what the some of the drawings are, it looks the same to me. But in the EGM magazine, it didn't say about the RL, but I'm sure it will be there, it was there in the beginning, it sure as hell better be there in the end. XD

the spiker looks kool to build.....might want to start that one once more pics come out
if the sword is there, will it be visible? I mean it isnt' anything but a handle until you start it up.

It seems to me that the sword being just a solid handle could go in the small fire arm slot on the outside hip like smgs and brute pistols in previous pictures
I notice we haven't seen much sword info lately, except to say that it will be depletable, like it was in Halo 2 Single player (ie- it can/will run out of juice).

I hope that's a settling on multiplayer, or say goodbye to the Zombie gametype..

Anyways.. I've got a sneaky suspicion that we might be double-wielding them this time (*edit* - just like the elites in the graphic novel). The handle will probably show-up on the thighs.. which is for single-handed weapons. I can't see it going across your back.. though, perhaps?

The masterchief in Halo 2 campaign doesn't have a way to turn off the blade (the arbiter doesn't do it either). Officially, it kinda' seems like you ignite it when you draw it, but maybe that's just an illusion mixed witht he sound effect? Perhaps they'll just put it on your back and say that the flat of the blade doesn't cut stuff?
Id like to see something like a combat knife to like sneak up and cut out some livers on unexpecting players
Spartan 021 said:
Id like to see something like a combat knife to like sneak up and cut out some livers on unexpecting players
I doubt it. How is a metal knife supposed to cut through the energy shields in one swipe? And even then, there's the nearly-impenatrable MJOLNIR armor to get through. And a one-hit-kill melee attack would totally ruin the game, and if it's not one-hit-kill, then it's little more than a fancy melee attack.

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