Nightmare Armor Studios (NAS) - Looking for advice or insight


Well as times continue to get harder and harder I'm on the fence about selling my NAS Halo suit. It's not complete (never received the front ankle support for the left boot, and I believe it's missing a few pieces on the belt) and has some areas of issue that can be seen in the photos.

My question would be what would be a price point to sell this suit for? I've been out of cosplaying for a few years and sold all the EVA foam Halo Reach suits I made between $400-$600, but have no idea what this is worth at this point in time, nor have I seen one for sale since I bought this one. But I also don't want to give it away either.

Thanks and if I do decide to sell it I will create a for sale thread in the correct section but wanted to see what NAS suits are worth/discussion on it prior to that.


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Back in the day NAS sold their suits for anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000.

Unfortunately, its value these days is far lower, perhaps even in the 500 dollar range, or even lower to the $400 range, and any value might come from a sort of Nostalgic factor. Nightmare Armor were the first to mass produce kits and sell them, and they could command those high prices back when they were the only consistent producer of armor. People overlooked the sculpts for the sake of availability.

However these days the proliferation of information on making your own, more accurate kits, out of foam or pep or 3-D printing, the demand is no longer there for these kits, especially considering how inaccurate they are and how cumbersome, heavy, and awkward they are being solid resin casts. Coupled with the visible damage and missing pieces, the best you can hope for is some name recognition from one of us old timers or curiosity of someone interested in the history of Halo costumes.


Like Cadet said, the armor isn't as practical or visually pleasing compared to new and updated methods. I did some research, and found newer Halo costumes like this one going for $300-$450. I think the real value would be its place in Halo's history and the overall completion of the piece. If you treat it more like an artifact of some sort, and get it restored/completed, a hardcore collector might take it for $500-$600. And that's a major stretch if these usually go for $300-$400. Question is, how much would restoration cost, and would it be a worthy investment? If you need more money and can wait a long while, I would restore it and wait for it to become a collectors item. If you need the money now, I personally would pay no more than $300 if it's incomplete.