No mark 5?

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Swedish Spartan

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:roll: I recently, found this site in search for info on Halo 3, And im suprised that there is no sign off any mark5,s just mark6,s costumes.

and kinda this one:


There's a bunch more, I'll look for em
now that I think about it, it looks like the person in the bottom pic was going for SPI armor because the arms and all that
Swedish_Spartan said:
Neather, your avatar looks funny, a Spartan filled with needles, ready to explode!

Not to get off topic but Neather, I like the purple smoke avatar. That's 5 of us now (Sid, Pyro, Me, S021, Neather) that have NAS armor in our avatar.

Here's another example

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i want more info on those armors!

And, why no mark 5? im almost bored off the mark 6.
and i dont think it,s that mutch better either
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