No mark 5?

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Mark 5 is cool and all, but it's old, so a lot of people (including myself) don't want to make it. I also prefer the Mark 6 because it is more difficult to make and the details make it all the more worth while.

(It's not needles in my avitar, it cool purple smoke/fire stuff) :nana:
well, stormtrooper armor and mjolnir are are kind of hard to compare but i'll take a shot at it.

1) Stormtrooper armor did not change in ep 4-6 (except for VERY unnoticeable changes); MC armor has, and people usually want the newest pattern because it usually looks the best and is the most detailed.
2) Stormtrooper kits are a lot easier to find (and usually less expensive) then MC kits.

So "old" doesn't actually mean it was made a while back, it just means that there is something better (opinion) now. Its like cars, most people might prefer a 2007 model over a 2004 model, but prefer a 1976 model over both :mrgreen:

(Its a modified pic of Sid in his suit that has "smoke"/blurred light coming from it) :lindsey:
you'll see the top one on G4 in the next month or so. For a commercial. Done by someone in california.

The other one is done by someone from halobabies i believe.
Still think the top one is SPI and the second is a great H1 mark suit and one thought of doing halo as far back as the halo origin armor?bet that would shock bungie.
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