Noble Six Helmet WIP/ TRON theme

King Ramna

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Ah! My calculus class made me forget about this thread.

Thank you all for the kind words.

Here is an old audio test video with the visor. I installed it on the inside of my visor just below my eye level so I can see over it. I discovered this item while exploring options of using EL(electroluminescent lamp) products for the lighting of my suit. But I opted to use Led strips to keep the price down. However, I used the HUBOPTIC® DJ EQUALIZER in my helmet to simulate a tron-esque style helmet. Here is the link if you are interested in getting your own or other similar stuff. It is a fantastic product and I got alot of compliments.

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late response to this (sorry) but I just saw the video and that is absolutely awesome! I totally want to try adding one of those to my helmet, but it would be out of place xD


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Amazing build! the electronics are next level!
watch out for the necro posting friend. this build was last commented on in 2012 which means it's been dead for about 7 years. glad you like it, it just pushes active posts down. welcome to the forums glad you're liking what you see. (look at the top of comments to see most recent post date)