Noble Six Helmet WIP/ TRON theme


now that is a nice set of armor and a very cool way to store it. if the back was gray or some military color it would be like you got an armory


I wish more people would take a creative stance on their armor like you did. Going after characters from the game is one thing, making your own personal look is just downright fantastic! great job man!


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Oh, ya. That kit looks sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest comes out.

King Ramna

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Hello 405th!
Here are some new updated pics of my tron style build that I want to share with yall. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the lights that I installed on my back. But you can kind of see a reflection of them on the door. Ill see if I can get a hold of a gopro HD so I make some vids of my suit in action. And by action I mean, the leds change color and they also bounce to the the beat of music.



Also, my local radio station is having a costume contest. I invite you all to vote for me. Although, I doubt that I'll win because there are at-least 2 people that are boosting themselves. But, I would like to give them run for there money.


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Ha, awesome. I'll add a vote for you!
Edit: should start a Facebook / YouTube campaign asking for votes if you haven't already.

King Ramna

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My hat is Off to you sir!
Thanks you sir!
Awesome, post some links and I'll send some traffic your way.
*Sigh*....Its no Use. I suspect the two top people are one and the same and are manipulating the results. Within my a span of my a few minutes my average score drop from 3rd overall to maybe around 15-or 20. I suspect my poll got targetted by a bot hack. :( But thanks for your Support!

King Ramna

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Wow... That looks pretty awesome! :D
Thank you sir! stay tuned for a video.
now the little things inside your visor, do they light up? like a daft punk noble six?! lol that'd be awesome to see
Yes sir, they do. Daft punk indeed! My brother recently bought a GoPro so I will be able to get something on film to share with you all by Tuesday or Wenesday. Meanwhile, I'll add a few more Led's that I forgot to install.


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so.beautiful. Make a vid of the lights on the visor!! Also, where did you get it? Does it affect your vision at all?
Awesome build overall, epic colors and I love the silvery feel of the paint

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I don't see how a larder in a skirt with a wig on, painted blue, could possibly have a higher average rating then a spartan.
Anyway, looks like the foam is working well, and the effects on your visor just confuse the heck out of me...