Not a big chest?

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    I happened to have something very much like this that I wore underneath my chest and backpack piece to expand my upper torso. and to attach my shoulder pieces, crotch and butt plate to. the molle system on the front is very strong (ment to carry anything from fully loaded magazines to radios) and it gives a great technical design to the undersuit. You can also get fake plate inserts to make your chest very stiff so that you don't have to worry about your chest and backpack shifting around from your movement.

    Plate carriers are used around the world and you can get airsoft replicas pretty cheap.

    check ebay

    Don't forget you can just spray paint it black, real world soliders do this with great success, so if you see a green one cheap just paint it black.

    Or if you are cheap like me, reverse the colours.

    <div align="center">[​IMG]

    <div align='left'>The vest I am wearing actually has an extraction harness built into it as it's meant for attack helicopter pilots, the flight suit is also a from a helicopter. You can get flight suits in black, but they are either knock offs or extremely expensive since no actual air forces use black flight suits for obvious reasons.

    To make your thigh pieces more interesting mount them on dropleg panels.

    <div align='center'>[​IMG]

    </div> </div>
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    Very cool pieces of information! Thanks Moz.

    PS that pic of you needs a "Be cool: stay in school!" caption.
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    ROFL :lol: Don't know if a stay-in-school program would appreciate the LCBO store in the background. That's the equivalent of a state-owned liquor store for those of us down here in the states.
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    Haha cool. Yea I used a paintball vest but that one has a lot of really nice detail and loops in it. Nice :) Maybe I'll look in to that as well.
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    try and find one with loops at the bottom for a belt, it makes doing the thigh pieces and crotch easier if you are wearing a coverall (since they dont have a belt)

    You can also spray paint one of these black.


    It's called a LBV 88, it's the old webbing of the US army, the've moved on to different stuff so you can get these vests dirt cheap at an army surplus.
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    PCs and Drop-legs?

    Interesting thoughts, I am your airsoft man, so ask me please! :p
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    Yo, You're in Ontario!!! wiked, I'm also in Ontario, Did you go into the LCBO wearing your armour?
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    ya that is not a very big chest.

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