1st Build Not Another Reach Build

I figured I might as well link my old glove thread here, just so I have all my resources in the same place for myself. I'll also do it just in case someone stumbles upon this thread and decides that out of all the people and posts on the forum, my build is the one they should use as a reference.

We also made it to page 2, truly uncharted territory for me.

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Making progress
I know I still have a lot left to do, like printing the last 2 parts, gluing and welding everything, removing extra supports, sanding, priming, paining, and a whole host of other things, but I won't let that detract from where I'm at right now.

I had a Jango Fett helmet at one point and I really liked it, but it doesn't compare to this. When I put this on for the first time (even though it's unfinished and held together with tape) I had the biggest dumb smile on my face.

Can't wait to get this one finished up and print a couple for some friends of mine.

Next post will hopefully be a finished helmet.

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Gotcha, my next post isn't a finished helmet.

I decided I couldn't hold off until then so I'm posting more progress/updates as we go.

I glued all the body pieces of the helmet together but I started sanding them before they were together. I knew I shouldn't do too much sanding until I had them joined, but I ignored my instincts. My reasoning was that they would be easier to control and handle when apart, and now I have extra gaps to fill. Always trust your instincts.

Other than the obvious gaps in the images everything looks fine.

Additionally, I purchased multiple paint colors, with two more on the way, to help me find the perfect maroon color (the poor camera and lighting do not accurately show the colors. Also a red table was a terrible backdrop, very sorry). I have a titanium color on the way to use for some parts and as an undercoat to show beneath the weathering.

That's all for now, have a good rest of the weekend folks.


Back again with a quick update.
I tried PLA welding and have a few notes.
1. I hate it.
2. I suck at it, probably the reason for #1.
3. It smells rather unpleasant, and the fumes always find your nose and mouth.
4. Did I mention I hate it?

I should have read up more on it and tried on some practice pieces first, but that's now how I roll (I should start rolling like that).

I will have a lot of sanding to do, because I built up the PLA a lot, since I knew I couldn't do a pretty job, and boy is it ugly.
Did you make sure to wear your respirator and work in a well ventillated area? Because those fumes don't wanna play nice with your body. But it looks like you did a good job with the seams!
Thank you for the praise, I'm sure it will do a number to inflate my ego.

I did thia in my garage with the garage door open. Unfortunately it's raining today so the wind was blowing in. I sat "upwind" to keep it from getting to me as much as I could. The most unfortunate thing is I have a respirator, but no filters. Used them up a long time ago and haven't gotten anymore. I have an n95 for sanding that I was using, but it was near worthless for fumes.
Alrighty, a bit of a sidestep from the main project really quick. As mentioned before, I am making some helmets form a few friends and one of them used the Black Visor in Reach. I used the MCC for my reference pictures, but the black visor is glossy in the MCC and matte/flat in Reach.

Does anyone know how to get this flat color for a visor? I'm thinking the spray paint/airbrush method would probably be best, but I really don't know what would be best.


Halo The Master Chief Collection (2).png
Just wanted to update and say that this build isn't dead, but it's been on life support for quite a while. I have parts ready to slice and print, just haven't gotten to it. Admittedly, I have some reservations when it comes to leaving a $300 Chinese hobby level printer reach temperatures of 400+ °F for 30+ hours straight if I'm not going to be around.

Moving on from there, I still need to sand and paint the helmet, it might be a touch small, but it will work for now.

Hopefully I'll get back into this build soon, just haven't had time or money to put into it.
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