Oblivion Steel Armor

I'm thinking about a certain project for the future but I suffer from one drawback.

I don't have oblivion and I can't find many reference shots for the steel armor set.

Any and all shots would be appreciated, including every angle, races, and other variations.

Help would be greatly appreciated. =]

Klowd 13

I can try my best to get some screen shots of the Steel armor on a Imperial Male. Any shield and sword preferences?

You gonna scratch build it?


Any shot would be great, no shield, sword required.

My uncle and father run a fabrication shop two towns away so I want to try my hand at crafting something out of 16 or 18 gauge steel.

I have been inebriated for the past few days so this may not seem like the greatest idea to some.

But I am always up for a challenge.


I might be able to get ya some shots out of the CS, gimme some time I'll have 'em up soon


nvm, the CS is acting stupid, can't get into it >_>